Eat uncooked onions, fish, beetroot, carrots, beans, banana, greens, cabbage, broccoli, brown rice, peas, oats, apples the pink one, pears, almonds,grape, cherries, potatoes, lettuce, cauliflower, bitterleaf, bell peppers, spring onions, tomatoes.

If you may’t cease taking milk, you may take low fats milk  (little or no and never on a regular basis).

 Wash your greens completely earlier than cooking.

Drink massive portions of water like 10 to 12 glasses a day.

 You can eat uncooked tomatoes. Wash it completely and eat solely the plump one.

 Endeavor to cook dinner your meals by your self.

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 Use several types of peppers to cook dinner meals.

 Eat at the least 6 varieties of fruit each day.

 You can juice your fruits collectively for extra motion like juicing beetroot, lemon, orange, pineapple, apples the pink one, kale, juice them collectively and add your lemon juice. Enjoy your solution to shrinking your fibroid.


 Avoid processed meals, pink meat, buns, caffeine, espresso, alcohol, sausage, eggroll, pizza, junk meals, white bread, soya beans or any soya product, donuts, soda water, indomie, pasta, cake, sharwama, cheese, fried meals, chocolate, undercooked meals, desk salt (salt you added proper in your desk)

 Avoid cow milk  


 Always go to the women  or urinaries everytime you really feel the urge to take action,  do not maintain it.

 Avoid avenue meals, keep away from canned meals

 Reduce consumption of vegetable oils.

 Avoid alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks

 Don’t lie down instantly you end consuming.

 Avoid overstress.

 Reduce salt consumption.

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