People with dyslexia can have issues on remembering numbers and codes. In the grownup world, having this means is necessary, since that is associated in managing financial institution accounts and dealing with monetary issues.

Here are some techniques that most dyslexics use so as to cope up with their quantity issues.

Whole Number Method

Some individuals with dyslexia use the entire quantity technique when they’re attempting to recollect telephone numbers. Here, you principally group the primary three digits and take into account it as a complete quantity. Then you divide the final 4 digits, into two teams, and take into account them as two entire numbers.

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For instance, the telephone quantity is 806-6757; this may be learn as Eight hundred six, sixty seven, and fifty seven. By doing this technique you’re allowed to visualise the sounds of phrases, which make it tougher so that you can overlook them.


Some dyslexics use the date technique when remembering codes. For instance you should use the yr you have been born as your door code quantity or pin quantity.

Pattern Method

Another technique utilized in remembering numbers is thru the usage of patterns. By making a sample of numbers within the telephone pad, it may be simpler so that you can bear in mind the numbers. For instance, “1478” makes a sample of a capital “L” whereas “25846” makes a cross.

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Use Your Knuckles

Most children use this technique to recollect what number of days are there in a single month. Using this, regardless that you aren’t a child is alright. In truth, loads of dyslexic adults use this technique, since you could have your knuckles wherever you go.

Comparing Numbers

Some dyslexics have issues with evaluating numbers. Some do not need the power to visually evaluate numbers. If you’re having the identical form of drawback, then you may attempt utilizing your calculator to know that the numbers are completely different. You can do that by subtracting one quantity from the opposite. If you get a zero, then this implies they’re the identical, if not, then they’re completely different.

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Money Matters

Some conditions of dyslexia might provide you with issues in counting cash. Some individuals discover this very embarrassing. To keep away from counting out change, what’s often achieved by dyslexics is to be prepared by merely having a bigger invoice than your estimated quantity of buy.

In this manner you may accumulate loads of change. You can then do away with these by already counting out the precise quantity of small purchases that you’ll be making within the close to future. Putting the counted quantity right into a separate change purse then would make the entire course of simpler for you.

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Dot Method

Some dyslexics that have problems in understanding quantity ideas and utilizing this technique is a technique they assist themselves. Here you visualize a particular sample of dots for the numbers one to 9. Using a cube will be useful too.


Some use their means to attract in remembering telephone numbers. In this technique, you understand the numbers as elements of an entire image or drawing. The image is what’s then saved in your thoughts. With just a bit focus in your half, remembering numbers gained’t be an issue anymore.

These are simply among the methods how some adults with dyslexia have managed to cope with their situation. However, it’s best to take be aware that every method can fluctuate from one case to a different. That is why its effectiveness can differ too.