Other names are: Ajwan, Ajowan, Yavani, Carum copticum, Carom

Ajwain also known as Trachyspermum ammi or bishop’s weed is one of the most useful Ayurveda herb for the digestive system which makes it an important part of Indian spices.

Health Benefits of Ajwain

It removes unwanted gases from the digestive system and corrects the reproductive organs. Ajwain is one of the best analgesic herbs and helps a lot in Dysmenorrhea – painful menstrual cycle. Ajwain is also very useful in dental problems.

  • Ajwain is very useful in disturbed digestive system. It specially benefits in indigestion and flatulence.
  • Because of its supportive role for the digestive system; Ajwain is often added to the food stuffs which are heavy to digest.
  • Ajwain also has supportive effect on liver and spleen thus helping in better secretion of the bile juices and better metabolism.
  • Ajwain cleanses the reproductive organs.
  • Ajwain is very useful for dental problems. Ajwain powder should be used regularly for cleansing teeth.
  • Ajwain seeds are very beneficial in asthma and shortness of breath. It should be smoked in pipe to relieve respiratory distress.
  • Ajwain seeds enhance libido both in males and females.
  • Ajwain seeds correct the metabolism and benefit a lot in rheumatic conditions.
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