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1) The physique is ready to produce a hormone (Melatonin) which fights illnesses within the physique whereas asleep at night time at midnight solely.

2) While asleep at midnight, the mind cells are capable of rejuvenate again to their authentic state ( cells which have been broken attributable to extreme daylight and electrical energy) and performance correctly.

3) A examine reveals that Intelligent individuals everywhere in the world don’t sleep at night time with lights on. *Take be aware*

4) Sleeping at midnight or with out mild at night time, helps the physique to combat Insomnia (verify the that means)

5) Melatonin decreases within the day time as a result of presence of solar mild. Hence you shouldn’t permit mild at night time when the physique is able to produce it once more.

6) Melatonin tells us its time to sleep. Lack of it causes sleeplessness.

7) Sleeping with out mild at night time, makes a person look recent, lives longer and appears youthful all of the instances. (Healthy).

Learn to sleep at night time with out mild in your good. Nothing dangerous occurs to those that apply it. Don’t be scared.

*Please dont hold this to your self* Share!!! Health is Wealth, Someone have to learn this!

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