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How Maggi Dice Kills Many Africans

The well-known POISON that silently makes Africans widows or widowers is the MAGGI CUBE.

Yes Maggi in your on a regular basis Soup and meals is a killer worst than HIV/AIDS, Ebola, covid-19 all joined collectively.

Are you shocked? Then learn on..

Firstly it was created in 1886 by a Swiss named  Julius Maggi for LOW INCOME staff and the POOR, who couldn’t afford to stability their weight loss program with meat and fish as a result of they have been very costly to them.

In order to offer a TASTE of meat and fish to the poor, JULIUS MAGGI launched the Maggi dice with its well-known crimson and yellow label on the packaging.

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In 1886, after the Berlin convention, colonial masters have been free to export no matter they produced to their colonies principally in Africa.This was how Julius Maggi thought that there can be profitable market in Africa for his product.

So he exported and ingeniously launched his promoting there. It started to achieve recognition and patronage in 1910.

Prior to the introduction of Maggi to Nigerians, the native locust bean referred to as IRU in Yoruba, DADDAWA in Hausa and OGIRI okpe in igbo  blended with cray fish or dried fish was the normal technique of including FLAVOUR and DELICACY to the soup.

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All these mixtures have  a lot medicinal advantages and will have contributed to the lengthy life span and bodily health loved by our forefathers.

Maggi was not well-liked in Nigeria till within the early Nineteen Seventies when it began spreading very quick available in the market as neighbours and communities launched it to 1 one other.

The product succeeded as a result of maggi dice might be saved longer at increased temperatures and with the opportunity of giving a greater style to the cooking every time used.

The Knorr, Royco, Dangote cubes..and so on are completely different manufacturers competing with Maggi regardless that folks usually regard all of them as Maggi.

Africans started and proceed to place it in each dish regardless of the hazard inherent in it.

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DID YOU KNOW that Maggi accommodates a excessive degree of MSG (MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE)? extraordinarily excessive degree of lead almost seven occasions above human physique wants, transfats LDL, sodium all of which harm s the Brain cells and will increase possibilities of stroke..and so on.

Nigeria has continued to witness a number of manufacturers of the product together with the white Ajinomoto within the Eighties to 90s which medical specialists condemned as able to affecting the human liver.

Millions of Maggi cubes are offered and consumed on daily basis in Africa so the corporate needed to increase by creating eleven factories within the area regardless of warnings of public well being danger related to the merchandise.

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Women, principally girls add as many cubes to their cookings to the extent of the extent of sweetness they need the soup to supply. In many properties, the getting ready of “moi moi” (steamed bean paste) akara (fried bean paste), beans, boiling fish and so on can not go with out Maggi these days. African meals have the best check on the planet.

However, plenty of folks based mostly on medical recommendation have properly deserted Maggi and have been utilizing the normal “iru” or crayfish as options.

“Consuming the Maggi cube in every cooking is akin to increasing cardiovascular risks including hypertension ,diabetes and stroke (cerebrovascular). The risk is higher particularly when one advances in age as it weakens the heart functions” -Dr Olúṣọlá Ajólore. 09-12-2020.

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With excessive fee of Maggi consumption might develop erectile disfunction, persistent waist ache and rheumatism.(i.e. Dissolve six cubes in a 750ml of water, give he goat to drink and it may well’t mate for no less than six months.)

Maggi has been recognized as having higher damaging penalties on human well being than sugar. Unknown to many the product  is primarily the contributing think about many circumstances of strokes in Africa due to its steady mass consumption throughout the energetic ages.

Take somewhat dive at Google or YouTube and discover out the hazards of Maggi seasoning dice for your self and unfold the message to SAVE AFRICANS.

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Stay Blessed!