Seed biking is a pure technique of balancing the feminine intercourse hormone that’s out of whack.

From day 1-14 of your menstrual cycle you want extra estrogen with a purpose to construct up our endometrium(uterus lining).This is known as follicular part.

FLAX and PUMPKIN SEEDS will naturally enhance our good estrogen stage.Eat 2 desk spoons of every seed.Flax has omega 3 and lignan whereas pumpkin has excessive content material of zinc.

From day 15-28 known as the luteal part,corpus luteum begins to extend progesterone, this helps to thicken the uterus lining and put together it for implantation.

Eat 2 desk spoons of  sesame additionally known as Beni seed and sunflower seeds. Sesame has excessive content material of zinc and omega 6 whereas sunflower has excessive content material of vitamin E and omega 6.


Excess stress ie emotional,bodily or chemical  resulting in extra cortisol launch,environmental toxins,poor weight-reduction plan,meals sensitivities akin to milk,digestive points e.g constipation,bloating,excessive espresso or alcohol consumption can all contribute to irregular or painful interval and infertility.

Seed biking helps to convey again intervals which have stopped,regularises intervals,heals fibroids,cysts,endometriosis and many others.

In a superbly wholesome lady,the menstrual cycle and estrogen/progesterone manufacturing will occur naturally with no assist or intervention.

Seeds are very nutritious and ought to be added to our weight-reduction plan on each day foundation.

Seeds are 100% protected and pure with no facet impact.

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