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Prof. Gilbert Ezengige

I all the time inform my teeming college students (throughout on-line and bodily contact classes) that well being and therapeutic isn’t just about treating this organ or flushing out that micro organism out of the system. Yes, the method of getting effectively entails way more.

My college students are all the time amazed when throughout my lectures, I present them how one’s basic well being may be assessed from inspecting one’s palm, eyes, tongue and even from one’s handwriting in addition to benefiting from medical astrology.

Truthfully talking, preventive drugs ought to be the medication of at this time and of the longer term. You know why? Patients are drained and sick of title tags; they’re uninterested in being referred to as diabetic sufferers, hypertensive sufferers, anemic sufferers, ulcer sufferers and many others. They want a preventive drugs practitioner who can inform them what to vary of their life or particular meals objects and cures to include of their every day lives or the mandatory non secular life to imbibe to stop life threatening circumstances. Natural drugs gives all of that.

Man’s make-up transcends the bodily realm. The connection present between human emotion, psychological state and bodily organs is pretty appreciated by most practitioners of medication and associated disciplines. The relevance of areas of specialization similar to psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry are sufficient proof.

The non secular angle to wholesome residing, wellness and illness administration has not obtained the mandatory consideration it deserves. Here and there, some spiritual our bodies and non secular organizations are identified who nonetheless maintain the flame aglow.

Man is certainly a posh being; The marvelous interplay between the bodily and the non secular, the mundane and the delicate are so superior.
There are marvelous hyperlinks or threads which are neatly and invisibly woven between our bodily organs and our greater colleges. The realities of such hyperlinks are encountered often in our every day conversations and expressions. Statements like ‘I render my HEART-felt apology, I can’t STOMACH it any longer, he hasn’t obtained sufficient LIVER , his circumstances make him to SHOULDER plenty of obligations and many others. are all indicative of Organs/Emotions hyperlinks and relationship.

An particular person who’s within the behavior of all the time bottling up his emotional hurts is extra more likely to expertise gastrointestinal discomforts and ulcers it doesn’t matter what trendy drugs proffers as the first trigger of those medical circumstances.

Hyper aggressive disposition causes plenty of white blood cells to flood our blood streams.

Uncontrolled nervousness and stress negatively impression on the cardiovascular system main to numerous forms of coronary heart illnesses.

Constant frowning often provides numerous ugly strains to your face and makes you age quicker.

Constant, unexpressed anger promotes gallbladder stone formation.

Grief and sorrow hasten numerous forms of coronary heart illnesses and decrease your immunity considerably.

The checklist is infinite.

In our numerous endeavors, be it at work locations, household settings and non secular communities, we converse of God, of Divinity, of Spirit, of non secular therapeutic, of miracles and of God’s nice Love. Unfortunately, a few of us are responsible of spiritual acts bordering on extremism and full ignorant-of-life-processes.

All the identical, nobody can successfully speak in regards to the processes concerned in true therapeutic with out bringing within the idea of LOVE and HOLISM.

According to Ricardo Rojas an power drugs well being reporter,
“The lack of love opens the door to inferior beings that enter with arms charged with negativity, anxiety, fear, sadness, hate, phobia, etc. Love nourishes health. Negative emotions nourish illness. Healing love energy flows through healers’ hands into diseased organs of a sick person’s body when healers touch those areas. We do not help others by identifying with other’s pain. We do help them by channeling extra Love energy needed to move them beyond their pain.”

It goes with out saying that the channeled Love Energy described by Ricardo Rojas has colors and tones which may all the time be modulated by the one transmitting this therapeutic essence.

As a matter of truth, color power is the idea of all therapeutic modalities. Every substance has a selected finer colour-radiation that determines its total matrix and exercise in nature.
Even within the science of drug evaluation, point out is all the time made from color separation of lively components obtained via chromatography. To the enlightened, “The colour indicates the specie and the specie determines the colour”; what a easy and sound non secular precept ?

Some color therapists perceive the color wants of their shoppers after merely partaking them in discussions via the artwork of historical past taking. When for example a shopper presents the next indicators and signs; headache, fever, insomnia, eye issues, quick coronary heart beat and nervousness to say a couple of, a color therapist will routinely know that the color blue is the precise color for that particular person as a result of these indicators and signs individually responds to blue rays. He then proceeds to channel blue rays via totally different methods similar to solarisation, utilizing colored bulbs, using particular blue gems on his shoppers and many others.

The distinctive factor about pure drugs is that it’s holistic in nature. Holistic drugs discards the extremists or reductionists view that stamp non secular or materials strategy as all that’s wanted to impact remedy. A holistic medical practitioner gratefully accepts from creation any system that promotes equilibrium in his sufferers.

You will periodically encounter few human beings who would need to acknowledge God’s therapeutic and restorative energy provided that a sick particular person will get effectively with out taking herbs, medication and different crucial well being aids. Some of those ignorant people assert with all spiritual fervor and zeal which they’re able to mustering that it’s a faithless act for a non secular devoted to mix prayers and medicines as if combining prayers and medicines would quantity to an overdose.

On the opposite hand, few people contemplate any factor non secular to be false. They are content material in residing of their world of their very own creation the place something that can not be felt by their bodily senses is consigned to the world of fables and all those that consider in some types of spirituality are thought to be fools to be pitied.

God created all of the medicinal vegetation and different substances that may advantageously be utilized within the remedy of our ailing organs. When we are saying we don’t want His provision, we’re routinely denouncing His all-knowing standing; we might even nonetheless keep some types of godliness however be denying God’s energy thereof. This estrangement systematically dulls our receptivity to God’s therapeutic energy; it doesn’t improve it as some would erroneously need to consider.

In addition, the phrase ‘PATIENT ’ utilized in describing the sick particular person speaks volumes. Patients should train endurance earlier than the forces of nature woke up via fasting, prayers, herbs, therapeutic massage, vitamin, aromatherapy and many others. will start to behave on them. If solely these sufferers that change their docs often as they modify their garments assimilate the that means of simply this one phrase (affected person), they might save themselves a lot disappointments and agonies.

Our feelings have an effect on our our bodies physiology; a lady’s common menstrual cycle for example can alter drastically because of a relationship that has gone bitter.

There is a constructive technique of harnessing this emotional thought power for therapeutic and our sufferers are taught this method.

The harbouring of concern is likely one of the unfavorable methods of making use of this emotional thought power as a result of organs of the physique are harmed by it. As an instance, you tune in to a radio or a tv station and listen to or watch an oncologist, a most cancers skilled enumerate indicators and signs of breast most cancers, in a second it seems a few of the signs talked about are with you already, you rapidly make up the opposite signs he enumerated however which you don’t fairly expertise. You start to imagine you often really feel these signs too. You begin to entertain severe fears. You begin to broadcast your fears to the universe silently out of inward panic. This inward apprehension stays with you for years and even a long time.
One day, in finishing up a routine medical examination on you, the physician recommends additional exams to be carried out to ‘judge’ your cancerous state and ‘pass a sentence’ on you. In your innermost being you expect nothing totally different. Lo and behold! The take a look at comes out constructive. What you’ve feared most has occurred to you as was the case of the biblical character referred to as Job.

Be constructive subsequently and with an optimistic view of life face all challenges calmly, courageously and prayerfully. Embrace this new therapeutic technique of permitting therapeutic rays of affection to envelope you.

Astrology is the research of celestial our bodies in reference to their delicate results on minerals, vegetation, beasts, man and certainly all creatures. As an offshoot of historic astronomy, astrology has grown to grow to be an essential area of research.
Star radiations additionally play main roles within the historical past of the world. It influenced noble actions of nice males and contributed in shaping the lives of kings and servants; the celebs impel however they don’t compel.
Astrology has large software starting from drugs, governance, relationship to profession choice.

Our lives, languages, calendars, well being, illnesses are all embedded in astrological lores and traditions.
When we are saying for example {that a} specific day is a Monday, Sunday or Saturday, we are literally implying that these days are overseen by their corresponding planetary energies, therefore Moon-day, Sun-day and Saturn – day. Other days of the week have their planetary linkages hidden in different languages. In French language , Tuesday is Mardi; day of Mars, Wednesday is Mecredi; day of Mercury and so forth.

In wishing comfortable birthdays to our associates and family members we regularly add, “comfortable many returns ‘ to frame our wishes . What is it that is actually ‘returning’? The reply is, the SUN. The solar retains returning to the place it was throughout your beginning roughly each twelve months.

When the psalmist declared that the solar shall not smite him by day nor the moon by evening, was he not acknowledging the consequences of the solar and moon on our being? In Africa, indigenes have since identified via remark and being nearer to nature that sure illnesses, particularly these affecting the thoughts are likely to irritate throughout sure phases of the moon. In Africa we name mad individuals lunatics due to the impact of the lunar (moon) cycle on them. This identical lunar cycle explains the trigger for the rise in sea degree documented by oceanographers through the full moon part.

Astrologers for years know that our moon influences feminine fertility to a big extent. The 28-day lunar cycle corresponds to the typical 28–day menstrual cycle in ladies. Ancient civilization knew the affect that our moon has on intercourse and fertility therefore the favored phrase ‘honey moon experience’ in reference to the newly married couple.

We describe psychological traits of individuals by associating them to some planetary and star qualities: You hear when individuals say to others; “you are a SUN-ny fellow or MARS-tial (war-like) traits, MERCUR-ian (intelligent) mind, LUNATIC (moon, moody) behavior” and many others.

Natural drugs stresses the significance of concerning each particular person as a novel creature requiring a specialised remedy that’s structured and modeled strictly to swimsuit him. The psychological, bodily, social and non secular circumstances are elements that ought to be thought of in understanding acceptable cures. Comprehensive well being evaluative strategies similar to medical astrology, medical hand evaluation, graphology (hand writing evaluation), iridology (prognosis from the iris), sclerology (prognosis from the sclera), reflexology, tongue prognosis, acupuncture, aura and distance prognosis and many others. could also be adopted to establish the basis reason for a affected person’s sickness.

Keep studying and maintain searching for for sensible information; embrace these multidimensional faces of therapeutic at this time. Thanks on your time.

Copied from Prof Gilbert Ezengige’s wall.

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