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What You Should Do After Age 45


*By Pharm. Lawal Muhammed*

¶ Regular train, this have to be graduated and appropriate on your well being/social standing – cease consuming hides and pores and skin “kpomo” it is a gradual killer.

¶ Observe commonly siesta, even if you happen to do not go to sleep, simply have a quiet time, postpone your cellphone or put it in silence mode whereas observing siesta.

¶ Always sleep on the identical mattress along with your partner even if you happen to shouldn’t have intention of intimacy together with her. It has plenty of advantages, it reduces stress hormone (cortisol) degree.


¶ As a lot as attainable, sleep in your left facet when sleeping particularly at evening, this helps to empty the system of poisonous substances by the lymphatic system. For the muslims, you can begin along with your proper hand facet to say your prayers earlier than you sleep after which you’ll be able to change later. I hope you perceive?

¶ Do not instantly rise in your toes after you get up from sleep particularly at evening, stay in your sleeping place for (20- 30 sec) even in case you are pressed, then rise to a sitting place for similar time, then you may get up and stroll. This helps to stop sudden mind injury that might result in stroke.

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¶ Have regular sex (authorized), 2-3 occasions per week is beneficial. Making love is extra useful than having intercourse. I hope you perceive? This has plenty of well being advantages ranging out of your coronary heart, prostate, mind and many others

¶ Avoid chilly tub as a lot as attainable it needs to be heat. This additionally helps in decreasing probabilities of stroke/coronary heart assault.

¶ Routine medication to tackle each day bases are: Tab vasoprin (Aspirin) 75mg each day if you do not have ulcer, Strong antioxidants e.g pure vit. E, 1caps each day, along with these, girls are anticipated to be on common Calcium complement or biscuit bones particularly after menopause, this helps in minimising osteoporosis because of bone leaching that girls expertise publish menopause. A situation that the majority mistake to be rheumatism.

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¶ Know your physique mass index (BMI) and work in direction of sustaining preferrred BMI (20 – 25 kg/m sq.). If not achieved, this has plenty of well being implications starting from sudden loss of life, metabolic dysfunction like diabetes; Cardiovascular problems like hypertension, coronary heart assault, stroke; infertility issues like an ovulation in females; Neuromuscular issues like rheumatism; & Respiratory misery amongst others. You see that there are an entire a number of issues if you happen to do not preserve match. Obesity is just not an indication of excellent dwelling however in poor health well being.

¶ Drink plenty of water (Luke heat) in a day, 2 to three litres of water per day may help in preserving your system adequately hydrated and helps your kidneys operate correctly.


¶ Cut down your stress degree each bodily/psychological/psychological/emotional and take day trip for leisure actions particularly these that may make you content/snigger.

¶ Avoid social poisons like kolanut, cigarettes, power drinks, alcohol/alcoholic drinks, although some colleges of thought say sure % of alcohol per day is sweet for the guts. Note that bitter kola “O’ro” is extremely medicinal and it is good for our well being, notably for females. It’s a strong anti oxidant, it helps to stop all types of malignancies be it most cancers of the breast, cervix, prostate e.t.c, it helps to enhance male sexual efficiency, slows ageing course of, reduces severity of rheumatism, slows technique of dementia/amnesia, helps to stop diabetes mellitus/ diabetic problems in diabetic people, stop/gradual the expansion of fibroids and an entire heaps. In reality, I’d suggest 1 nut of bitter kola per day for everybody age 40 years and above. Note that, it is not too protected in case you have peptic ulcer particularly Gastric. It might worsen the signs of ulcer.

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¶ Avoid caffeinated drinks like Millo, Bournvita and many others for inexperienced tea.

¶ Avoid processed meals as a lot as attainable like noodles, pasta, can meals and many others.

¶ Avoid sitting on a spot past two hours max., stand and stroll round after one and half or max two hours of sitting. It’s for the well being of your GIT – gastro intestinal tract. More so it avert probabilities of hemorrhoid (pile).

¶ Avoid sugar together with honey, sure HONEY! It will ultimately offer you that very same downside that made you cease sugar, it is going to solely take an extended time.

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¶ Regular well being examine.

¶ Imbibe the tradition of preventive drugs and never healing drugs.

I hope this few traces can be of assist in enhancing our high quality life?

Thank you on your time

Remain wholesome.

Lecture delivered by:

*Pharm Lawal (Doctor of Pharmacy),*

A marketing consultant Clinical Pharmacist (cardio/ renal) with West African Postgraduate school of Pharmacists.