A psychiatrist, Dr Maymunah Kadiri on Saturday suggested married girls to have common intercourse with their spouses with a view to forestall despair and achieve happiness.

*Depression is a typical psychological dysfunction that causes folks to expertise depressed temper, lack of curiosity or pleasure, emotions of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or urge for food, low power, and poor focus.*

Kadiri, the Medical Director of Pinnacle Medical Services gave the recommendation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Pinnacle is a well being and wellness centre for psychological, behavioral, and psychological well being associated points.

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*According to her, intercourse isn’t just to nourish a girl’s physique, however additionally it is helpful to her psychological well being*.

“As girls, there may be need for us to make our spouses our best friends if we wish to be mentally wholesome.

“Studies have proven that ladies who’ve extra energetic intercourse and in long run relationships had been much less more likely to be depressed than girls who went with out intercourse.

*“So, extra intercourse is necessary and important. It is a treatment to curing girls from having persistent headache.*

“Low sexual drive, which results in despair, must be appeared into. A lady might be depressed when that sexual drive that she used to have isn’t any extra there.

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“Frequent energetic intercourse can play good roles towards girls’s sense of nicely being and high quality of life,’’ Kadiri stated.

She defined that intercourse was not only for procreation and to have kids, including that it may create bonding, good companionship and sound sleep.

*Kadiri, popularly known as ‘celebrity shrink’, urged girls coping with despair to steadily bask in intercourse, whereas boosting their vanity*.

She additionally suggested girls who’re over-weight to additionally contain in energetic intercourse, saying doing so will increase endorphins that are comfortable hormones.

“The comfortable hormones will make them lose some energy in addition to sleep higher.

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*”Orgasms set off the discharge of endorphins that are comfortable hormones secreted by the mind that act as efficient painkillers,’’ she stated.*

She added that sex was not only beneficial to the men, however particularly to girls as a result of it was able to liberating them from stress.

Sex accordingly.  (For married ones solely). Lots of people do not affiliate intercourse with God – they affiliate it with Satan and darkness, as if intercourse shouldn’t be holy.!!

The Holy Books is specific in terms of intercourse.  Sex is holy inside marriage, and there’s no prescribed fashion. Nowhere within the Holy Books does it say {that a} specific place is the one sexual fashion.


Not discussing sex in a relationship results in divorce!! I’ve recommended girls who’ve complained: my husband treats me as if I had been his sister. There was one who advised me: I’m bored with getting intercourse fortnightly, like a wage. I advised her she was fortunate to be getting intercourse fortnightly, since some wives solely get it on huge days, like elections and Holidays.

*Many husbands go away their wives to hunt sexual pleasures in Hillbrow.  Have you ever requested your self what these girls have that you do not. Wives have grow to be very frigid and even sleep with their panties. If you are a married girl, you need to sleep bare and let your bum contact your husband.*

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Today you discover men going out of their way to get a glimpse of a vagina. They web page by magazines and even go to undies departments in shops hoping to see what’s hidden below panties as a result of their wives disguise it from them. Marriage is about being free along with your physique in entrance of your associate, that is why God made marriage halal and known as our wives, our blanket and  the holy prophet SAW stated marriage is half of deen.

*A lady ought to parade bare and do some modeling to tempt her husband. There are many married girls who do not know what their husband’s penises seems to be like. She solely feels it when he enters her. They’ve by no means touched it, not to mention seen it, as a result of the husband switches off the lights before undressing. A penis is a spouse’s toy – she is meant to play with it.*


I blame {couples} for not making time for intercourse and complaining about being drained after a day’s work. You discover many {couples} who’ve been sexually starved for years.  Allah created intercourse for procreation and in addition for pleasure. You cannot marry and never have a great time in mattress.



Why cannot you drive dwelling throughout lunch and have a quickie along with your spouse? We’re all equal in intercourse – it isn’t nearly a girl satisfying a person. You need to fulfill one another. Have you ever seen a girl who has been glad? Have u observed how she glows and turns into energetic?

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May Almight God Bless you.

This is the Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth. Once you learn this it’s important to maintain it going. Age has nothing to do with intercourse. The older u are the extra u ought to take pleasure in it however do it in God approach.

Make positive your partner reads this. Also Send to all of your married associates, Grandmas & grandpas ship it to your married kids. You may be saving a wedding from divorce.

Let LOVE & SEX fill our marriage.

Peace be unto your marriage.

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