Have you laughed immediately?

Oya giggle small,


*1. People who heat yesterday’s indomie. They* *do not forgive simply*

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*2. People who dip bread in tea. They’ll put you in hassle*

*3. People who eat cucumber and do not throw up. They are* *largely heartless >>*

*4. People who heat pap. Come on! These ones do not*

*let go of issues simply*

*5. Those that convert their remaining stew to make* *emergency jollof. These ones should not loyal and can* *betray you*

*6. People who parboil Eba. Ritualism.*

*7. People who drink garri holding groundnut or dry fish* *on one hand. These ones are afraid of the longer term.*

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*8. People who use fork to eat rice as a substitute of spoon. They* *like pointless struggling.*

*9. People who hate beans. They can’t acknowledge* *greatness even when stares them within the eye*

*10. People who makes use of like 5 large onions inside meals and* *reduce it large large like meat.* *They’ll reduce your future brief*

*We wey regular for this nation no attain ten I swear.*

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