47 Judges of World Human Right Court Declares;No Rights To Homosexual


*47 Judges of World Human Right Court Declares;No Rights To Homosexual*


This is the world’s most credible and necessary human right Court:::::  This judgment implies that:

(1) States are free to order marriage solely to heterosexuals

(2) Any legislation supporting Same intercourse marriages search to destroy humanity

(3) The enactment of legal guidelines to punish gay marriage is so as and doesn’t represent discrimination towards individuals

(4) The pure proper to marry is anthropologically wholesome, precious, wise

and accountable between reverse Sex solely

(5) That contemplating the philosophy’s of Natural legal guidelines, Common sense, Course of constructive Laws, that Nature and certainly spirit nature doesn’t in anyway ponder gay marriage

Thus, Article 12 of the European Convention on human proper helps the claims which can be validated by Article on Human Right Treaties as within the case of 17 of the pact and No 23 of International Covenants on Civil and political Rights

The 47 choose’s held that the idea of Family created between man and girl is Supreme within the growth of Human Race to the suitable order of life, peace, sanity, equality and fairness

To this finish, Homosexual marriages ought to be

* Rejected by our Spirit, Soul And Body,

* Chased out of our Social Orientation,

* Subtracted From our Constitution’s and Laws and

* Should not in any method be entertained by our respective Social cultures – whether or not by  Religious means or by a constitutional given proper by authorities, teams or nations:


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