_Forceful Sex For Money Ritual: Mother Kills Her Son


_Forceful Sex For Money Ritual: Mother Kills Her Son

How many moms could be so brave to organize dish for his or her son after which garnish it with poison? Only a brave Etsako East girl will.

The quest for fast cash is allegedly stated to be the rationale behind why a younger man from one of many many villages of Okpella kingdom adopted his mom to the farm, pressured her to a very popular intercourse. The purpose for the Rape Sex is claimed to have the ability to soak an handkerchief into blended semen for cash ritual.

According to the mom, “I didn’t have to argue with him since he threatened to kill me if I did or even attempted to reveal the act to anybody. So I made up my mind that such abominable, taboo and animalistic act will not go unpunished”. When I bought residence,I behaved as if nothing occurred however made him an excellent dish that he at all times favored, blended with native Otapiapia poison. I warned the opposite youngsters strictly to not dare the meals I reserved for him. “He ate peacefully apparently for the joy of huge incoming cash and then died thereafter”.

The sudden dying of the boy prompted the intervention of the police and the mom was stated to have advised the police in clear phrases that she killed the boy. “There is no reason to keep you waiting and investigating, I killed the boy, do you people force your mothers to sex?, threatened to kill her if she dares to talk, can you attempt to make money by sleeping with your mother”? All had been shocked on the revelations of the Raped mom. My son had intercourse with me within the farm and I needed to put together meals for him after which add poison to kill him.  Yes, I did she concluded.

Public opinion they are saying favours the act of the mom for the braveness she summoned to get that animal son who needed to sacrifice the lifetime of his mom for ritual cash.

WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ; *Is She Right Or Wrong* ?

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