THE DAILY ISLAMIC REMINDERS. Yaum Al-Khamis, fifth Jumaadal Uulaa. (Thursday, ninth of December 2021).

*_A Virtue Called Patience_*. BismilLah

Can our impatience about issues we can not change, change something? To be affected person and let issues run their course as they need to, is without doubt one of the secrets and techniques of happiness and contentment.

Patience is without doubt one of the most necessary qualities demanded of those that declare to like ALLAH, because the diploma of persistence determines those that are honest of their declare and people who aren’t. The diploma of persistence wanted to endure hardship and difficulties with a view to please the Beloved proves the sincerity of 1’s love. Many declare to like ALLAH, however when ALLAH assessments them with hardship, they overlook the true essence of affection. No-one can adhere to the love of ALLAH besides those that are affected person and persevering. If it weren’t for the take a look at of hardship and sincerity, there can be no proof of the sincerity of an individual’s love for ALLAH. The one whose love of ALLAH is bigger has a higher diploma of persistence. Therefore, ALLAH has attributed the standard of persistence to HIS shut mates (awliya) and most beloved. HE mentioned about HIS beloved slave Ayyub (AS): “… Truly, ALLAH found him full of patience and constancy. How excellent in ALLAH’S service! Ever did he turn to ALLAH!” (Quran 38: 44). ALLAH instructed essentially the most beloved to HIM of every part HE created to have persistence in accepting HIS decree and advised him that persistence comes solely by the assistance of ALLAH. HE praised those that have persistence and promised them the very best of rewards: the rewards of others are outlined and restricted, however the reward of as-sabirun is with out measure. Patience is important in any respect ranges of Islam, eemaan, and ihsaan, in addition to being a significant component in eemaan (religion) and tawakkul (placing one’s belief in ALLAH). Patience for the sake of ALLAH, by the assistance of ALLAH, and in accepting the decree of ALLAH. So, let’s try to please ALLAH by studying to say Alhamdulillah no matter any scenario we discover ourselves. Always keep in mind ALLAH says nothing can hurt us or profit us with out HIS permission.


*_May ALLAH will increase us in Patience_*. Aameen.