*ear sisters,

Sisters there’s something very harmful however each girl likes to have it. Some even go to the extent of shopping for it artificially.

Some even bear melancholy as a result of they do not have it. Some kill themselves as a result of they lack it.

The factor am speaking about is quite common, although not frequent.Money should buy it quickly. But it makes individuals loopy. It makes them smug. It makes them denounce the Creator himself.

People who’ve it typically brag about it. They use each means out there to point out it, to reveal it, to kill with it. Most of its homeowners find yourself going to the hellfire. Because they misused it, they abused it.

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That factor, if given, we must always caress it, handle it. Protect it. Hide it, as a result of it is treasured.

Sister,  at this time, it’s the most cost-effective factor. Despite its worth. Despite its issue to get. Yet, individuals throw it on the bottom. Let others devalue it.

What is that this factor?

It is known as magnificence.

The day you have been born stunning, you begin a battle with shaitan. He makes use of every part he has to make you misuse it. In the top, he by no means relaxation till he makes you disobey Allah. Even although it’s a reward, but you over used it.


So watch out. Beauty is a present. It is treasured, tough to handle, tough to cover, tough to guard. Beauty is the largest take a look at of life. Dont be completely happy since you are stunning. If you already know the hazard that magnificence is bringing to you, you’ll fairly select to be ugly.

Look at Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Courtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner. They are rated probably the most stunning girls on earth. They have been as soon as probably the most paid girls on earth. All of them, one after the opposite, magnificence made them stroll bare with out bra and pant. Skin to pores and skin.

Madonna sang on stage bare. When requested why, she mentioned “I have worn all the most expensive cloth, now i dont know what to wear, so the only thing i didnt not wear is my skin”. So she got here out bare. That is the hazard of magnificence.

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The Prophet ( ﷺ ) says h

he noticed a imaginative and prescient of Jahannam, it was full of ladies. One simple sin that simply takes girls to hell is Al-tabarrij. Meaning, nudity or immodesty.

Sometime you intentionally left your hair open, Despite its a Sin. Sometimes you put on see-through cloths, you understand how offensive that’s to Allah, however you select to disregard.

When you possibly can’t get a husband you mentioned Allah has forgotten you. How can Allah bear in mind you, while you your self additionally forgot Allah while you have been cat strolling half bare.

Sister, watch out with the way you make use of your stunning. Beautiful is for you and your husband. Allah made you stunning for a cause.

Layla the daughter of  Muhammad Ali narrated.

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One day i wore shorts. My father known as me and requested me. Layla do you is aware of the place gold and diamonds are? I mentioned sure, underwater or underground. Do you already know the place petrol and mineral sources are? O mentioned sure, underwater or underground. Then he mentioned have you learnt why Allah stored them deep down? I mentioned as a result of they’re treasured and helpful. Then my father mentioned Layla Allah created you and made your physique extra treasured and extra helpful than these golds and diamonds. If he had wished he may have allow them to on floor. But he did not. So Layla cowl your self, you might be treasured.

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This is an easy frequent sense. Sister, you might be treasured too. Cover your self. Dunya is non permanent. You will cross away and somebody extra stunning can be born the identical day. The sport by no means ends with you.  

-)Please check out this recommendation, so to

keep engaging and delightful for the remainder of your life.

– To beautify your eyes, decrease your gaze in the direction of

unusual males, this can make your eyes pure and


– To beautify your face and make it shiny, hold

doing wudhoo minimal 5 occasions a day.

– To have engaging lips, all the time point out Allah ( Glorified and Exalted Be He and bear in mind to talk the reality Always,

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 – As for blush and rouge, “Modesty” (Haya’) is one

of the very best manufacturers and it may be present in any of the

Islamic facilities.

– To take away impurities out of your face and physique,

use a cleaning soap known as “Istighfaar”. (in search of forgiveness of Allah ( Subhanahu wa Ta’ala ) this cleaning soap will take away any unhealthy


– Now about your hair, if any of you has a

downside of hair break up ends, then “Islamic Hijab” which

will defend your hair from injury.

– As! for jewellery, beautify your fingers with

humbleness and let your fingers be beneficiant and

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give charity to the poor.

– To keep away from coronary heart illness, forgive individuals who damage

your emotions.

– Your necklace needs to be an indication to pardon your

fellow brothers and sisters.

If you observe these advices you’ll have a lovely and engaging internal

and outer look. In Shaa ALLAAH.

-) Jazaakallaahu Khairan for Reading

-)Dear brothers and sisters in Islam:

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