Arrogance of the Authority

*_Our COMMUNICATION Problems is that, We don’t LISTEN to UNDERSTAND, but We Listen to REPLY._*

*_95% PROBLEMS of LIFE are DUE to the TONE of Voice._*

*_It’s not WHAT we Say,_*

*_It’s HOW we Say it._*

*_Just CHANGE the TONE and See the CHANGE In LIFE!_*


*_A Drugs Law OFFICER stopped at a FARM near Odeda in Ogun State, and talked with an old Farmer._*

*_He told the Farmer, “I Need to INSPECT your Farm for ILLEGALLY grown Drugs.”_*

*_The FARMER said, “Okay, but don’t go in that FIELD over there…..”, as he pointed out the Location._*

*_The Drugs squad Officer verbally EXPLODED saying, “Mister, I have the AUTHORITY of the Government with me.”_*

*_Reaching into his rear trouser Pocket, he removed his Official ID Card and PROUDLY displayed it to the Farmer._*

*_”See this ID Card? This ID card means I am ALLOWED to go wherever I WISH. On any LAND !! No questions asked or answers given !! Have I made myself clear. Do you Understand ?”_*

*_The old FARMER nodded Politely, Apologized, and went about his chores._*

*_A short time later, the old FARMER heard loud SCREAMS, looked up, and saw the Drugs squad Officer RUNNING for his LIFE, being surrounded by a swarm of wild BEES_*

*_The Officer was clearly terrified._*

*_The old FARMER threw down his tools, ran to the fence and SHOUTED at the top of his lungs………_*

*_STOP RUNNING and SHOW them your ID Card…oh…!!”‎_*


*_Lack of HUMILITY brings Humiliation._*

*_*PRIDE goes before a Fall.

 *May God keep us humble, pride brings one down.*

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