I hung out watching Baba Ijesa, Lanre Omiyinka on the Justice of the Peace court docket Yaba as we speak. He look drained, lean, weak and pissed off.

He received bail to be launch May 14, with the next situations;

1. 500k bail bond.

2. A surety from member of the family who has home in Lagos.

3. A stage 16 officer as 2nd surety.

Unfortunately, he received the primary  2, however could not get the third one. At a degree, a faux stage 16 officer was organized , however the Service Commission declared the individual as faux.

His case jogs my memory of considered one of our brother Prince Adebowale Ariyo regular qoute ” MONIRARE , KOI O LONIYAN “. Don’t have your self and be claiming you have got individuals. “

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With baba Ijesa teeming fan, followers ,supporters ,popularity, famous and connections all over the world. I never believe he wouldn’t get A LEVEL 16 officer to stand for him over 2 months now, just to stand for him and release him on bail ,pending the time the case will begin ?

Most of.the time, we get overjoyed and rated ourselves high when going is good. When everyone is chanting ,praising and honouring you , forgotten a Yoruba adage that do say ” TÓ BÁ BURÚ TÁN, ÌWO NÌKAN NÍ YÍÒ KÙ”. When it get finally worsen, it will remain only you ..

I saw Yomi Fabiyi granting loud interview, speaking big Grammar and qouting both local and international law on the floor of the magistrate court today , yet, he couldn’t get him a surety.

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I watched his niece EWATOMI who said, “I’ve  been dwelling with him for lengthy “. He made me what I am today “.  Then I began considering what and who’s she that his uncle cannot get bail?.

The truth stays that , we as human do contemplate our selves over and over earlier than  considering of serving to others. . And if we observe the assistance we’re about to render will have an effect on us, we’ll shut our eyes at it.

Most of the time, we now have to watch out as a public determine. Not all of the followers are your lovers , not each brother is your good friend, not each enemy is your enemy.

Recommendation To all Sisters, Married and Singles, Young and grownup. Listen up

Most of the folks that praises us will flip again when desk turns for dangerous. So, allow us to watch out and tèé jéjé..

Either he dedicated the offence or not.  I simply had reflection on his ordeal.  It what studying from . If this man will not be prayerful.sufficient, this case will devour him outrightly..

Unfortunately he did not have *ONIDURO* . He wanted only a surety , from his Pry ,Secondary , establishment, film business ,residence and overseas, simply just one individual cannot stand for him.  

Sincerely , I pity him..