From Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu’anhu. *Rasulullah (ﷺ) mentioned, “ The quantity of fornication that’s destined for the progenies of Adam, they may commit it.*
The fornication of eyes is to look passionately;
The fornication of ears is to listen to lusty issues;
The fornication of tongue is to speak about lusty issues;
The fornication of arms is to carry lustily;
The fornication of legs is to stroll for it;
The fornication of coronary heart is to want for it; The non-public components will both full it or restrain from it.

*[Al-Targheeb wa Al-Tarheeb: Muslim, Bukhari, Abu Dawood and Nis’ai]*

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In one other custom quoted by Abu Dawood and Muslim, “ Hands commit fornication by holding, legs commit fornication by walking towards it and kissing is the fornication of mouth”.

*Explanatory Note:* This Hadith is of nice significance. It offers with the next three elements of the difficulty.

*1. The backside line is that this that man mustn’t permit to nurture lusty ideas within the coronary heart. If he sustains it, nothing can cease him from committing the sin. If the coronary heart is the breeding floor of ailing emotions, the remaining components of the physique will try to realize it. Therefore, the primary and the foremost factor is to maintain the guts clear.*

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*2. This Hadith doesn’t imply that the person is destined to commit fornication. But it tells that if the Iman will not be correctly cemented and polished, man can’t defend himself from committing fornication and different sins.*

*3. The forehand steps of fornication [as mentioned in this Hadith] additionally fall in the identical class. Rasulullah (ﷺ) has prohibited to speak, to look and to listen to lustily with ladies. If man can defend himself from lusty conduct, he can defend himself from committing fornication. It should be crystal clear that accountability lies additionally in nurturing ailing emotions.*