If not in Nigeria, Muslims carrying the hijab in colleges or different locations ought to by no means be up for debate. It is a elementary proper that doesn’t hurt nor detract from the fitting of non-hijab wearers. Even in western Christian nations, the Hijab is universally accommodated as a result of it’s merely a method of Muslim dressing that is innocent and non-invasive.

But Nigerian Christianity (sure Nigerian Christianity) is constructed on blind opposition to something Muslim or Islamic, regardless of how innocent. From Islamic banking to the Ajami script, Sharia penal courtroom and now the Hijab. I refused to consider that is the true Christian educating or conduct as a result of I’ve seen Christians and Christian communities (each inside however largely outdoors Nigeria) with greater sense of justice, respect and understanding.

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If it had been Jews selecting to put on their skullcaps or the Jehovah Witness carrying their headscarves, there would hardly be any opposition. But as a result of it’s Muslim and Islam is talked about, it stands condemned, opposed and rejected. Simply put, Muslims, not like different faiths, usually are not entitled to their cultural and social rights and selections.

That’s why you see each try and compete or counter Muslims on issues of their particular person rights. Because Muslims pray 5 occasions a day, Nigerian Christians at present match that by holding every day morning and night worships at authorities ministries and companies, however you hardly see that within the non-public sector the place such polarizations are hardly tolerated.

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When some years in the past, Christians retaliated towards the Muslim hijab-wearing coverage in Osun colleges by dressing their youngsters in spiritual and cultural attires, I stated that the transfer will fizzle out as a result of it’s intentions usually are not real. The relaxation is now historical past. Muslims do not put on the hijab to spite another religion, or to counter what different individuals put on. It is a component and parcel of the Muslim tradition, of their on a regular basis life and nothing can separate that.

Religion will not be a contest, and positively not a bigotry contest. It is a method of searching for God, doing justice and endeavoring to assist your fellow human. Anything aside from that’s pure insanity, couched in divine delusion and sectarian absurdity. Those opposing the Hijab have to determine what they do as a result of it’s positively not faith.  Ahmad Musa.