My Life in Social Media Streets (Half 6)

Hmmm! Dear pal, my dad took the ache of fatherhood to elucidate what occurred to me. Without a doubt, my dad is a dad. He nonetheless tried to handle his dwelling and workplace collectively including all these challenges to it. He is a real man.

My dad instructed me that the title of the Jinn is Rajeem. Immediately he talked about the title, my title shortly linked to the Facebook man.

“Rajeem!” I exclaimed

“Yes” He responded

“He said you know him very well. He said he met you on Facebook. He said he usually hang out on social media to look for a prey. He said he made use of Instagram and Facebook most. Hmmm, Ajolayo, Rajeem said that he has made use of your pictures to commit different atrocities”.

“Atro what!” I shouted

My youthful sister rushed in and requested for what occurred. My dad instructed her that nothing occurred, that he was simply making an attempt to inform me some gist.

“Then let me join you in the gist dad!” My sister chuckled

“Little colleen, go wash the dishes. I will tell the whole family a beautiful story soon”. My dad stated whereas smiling.

As my youthful sister left the room, my dad locked the door from behind, he moved nearer to me to proceed what occurred.

“My babe, the Jinn said that he has used your pictures to scam many men on Facebook and Instagram. He said he has put on your pictures several times to stay by the road sides in the evening as prostitutes to dupe many men. Hmmm… He said” Dad stored mute for some seconds

“He said what dad!” I requested impatiently

“He said he used your image to commit act of robbery at B an B Super Mart and the image was caught on CCTV. Though, he said that he later destroyed the video clip because he wished to use you for some special works.

“Ajolayo, Rajeem stated that he was mad at you since you abused him and also you known as him completely different type of names that no one has ever known as him on coronary heart or on social media streets. He stated you described him like a snake, that was the title of his mom’s concubine that he killed. Your abusive phrases damage him lots and he determined to make life depressing for you.

He mixed love and punishment collectively to take care of you. Alhamdulillah, he has left however he stated which you can’t be your self instantly. He stated he has your life past expectation. He stated as he’s about dwelling, your libido cannot simply return to regular, it is going to take greater than two months. As a consequence, we should always keep away from you to remain alone with a stranger, be it male or feminine. In reality, he stated that in the event you see no stranger to have intercourse with, it’s possible you’ll consequence to interact in masturbation.

Jedeedah, Rajeem stated that he did not need you to graduate from the college. He wished to make your life extremely depressing. He wished you to be dwelling on the planet of Jinn and other people will probably be seeing you as a mad lady. He stated your curves in Hijab is an excessive amount of to cover. Also, your bust is so attracting than to cover it with a ineffective hijab. He described you past what me, your father, can describe. Hmmm… Jedeedah, Rajeem deliberate to disfigure you in order that no man on earth will consider marrying you once more.

My daughter, give because of Allah by way of Imam. He instructed me to delete all of your footage, shut your Facebook account and possibly open one other one for you that will not include your footage. Imam instructed me to just be sure you eat seven Ajwah at the very least for seven days. He stated that you just also needs to be ingesting zamzam or we combined it with different water you’re utilizing at dwelling. He requested you at all times use Zaytun that has black seed for creaming on a regular basis. He despatched me a Ruqyah to place in your cellphone so that you could be listening to it on a regular basis. Imam requested you to be utilizing Niqab any longer, at the very least for a yr if you cannot use it for all times”.

I bursted into tears but my dad petted me.

“Dad, I’m very sorry”

“No my expensive, that is simply regular. It has been in my future that I will probably be tried this manner. Just just be sure you attempt your finest to watch all these” My dad said and left for Isha.

Dear friend, since then, I deleted Facebook from my phone. I made a vow to Allah that till I will leave this world, I will not make use of Facebook again. Actually, I have a twitter account, but I am faceless on it. I didn’t use my name. Anytime I hear “Facebook” it is as if I hear “Jahanam”.

Al-hamdulillah, I’m a ultimate yr scholar now. Though, I missed a session however at the very least, I’m a ultimate yr scholar utilizing a wheel chair. I hope I’ll work once more someday. I consider I’ll graduate inshaa Allah, I consider I’ll have a husband quickly inshaa Allah. And I consider I’ll by no means seem on Facebook once more until I die.

Raheem Hameed


*NB:* _I turned a pal with the sufferer after I was in UI. She narrated her story to me once we went for lunch at SUB. She had a parlour wedding ceremony 4 years in the past. She was nonetheless utilizing Niqab until then. I used to be knowledgeable that she died two weeks in the past whereas in labour room. Her dying pained me lots however I’ve nothing to say than to hope that ‘Oh Allah, forgive your slave and grant her Jannatu Firdaus’_

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