I like this, Read and Learn.


A mom fetched:
FLOOD water,
TAP water,
RIVER water,
RAIN water,
WELL water
LAKE water……. in several cups.

She lined them up on a desk and referred to as her youngsters and mentioned; You see these completely different samples of water, all are referred to as water. However, not all qualify for what I’m about to ask you to do now.

She then requested her youngsters to imagine that they’re thirsty, and choose the one they might drink.

They regarded rigorously on the labels and picked the faucet water.
Then the mom mentioned, You see the way you rigorously regarded on the labels earlier than you picked? That is how it’s best to rigorously have a look at the labels on completely different individuals earlier than you select your folks.

The labels on persons are their characters, their habits, their behaviours.

Eat no matter you want as a result of....

Every water is water however not each water is certified for ingesting.

Every water is water however some waters are toxic.

Every human being is human, however not all human beings are human to qualify in your friendship.

Some human beings are animals in human pores and skin, and are harmful poisons for friendship.

Open your eyes, learn the labels rigorously earlier than
deciding on your folks.

This, we should always inform ourselves and our kids !