SALT has no have to appear to be different Ingredients, it sends out no aroma like different seasonings, however with out it the soup is tasteless.

Men of True Impact do not Fight for Position, Visibility or Appearance.

Their outcomes converse for them not their propaganda.

You needn’t shout to be heard, individuals maintain quiet to hearken to clever individuals.

Salt maintains its integrity amidst air pollution.

Have you seen the place a Salt purchaser calls for to style it earlier than shopping for

as a result of salt has proved its integrity over the ages.

  If you will have to swear earlier than individuals can consider you, you lack integrity.

Needs that Reduce Anger?

Is your life like salt to the earth or an insult?

The best and solely manner salt can lose its style is when it mixes with an excessive amount of of something. So watch your associations with individuals with out noble values.. Salt may be very treasured and shouldn’t be wasted.. STAY PURE.


If at some point, all of us are allowed to place our issues on a desk and change them, I’m certain that after jiffy, everybody would silently take again their very own & depart the desk.

  There is not any such factor like an ideal life, no person has all of it collectively.

Beauty Magazines: Are They Worth Your Money?

 Just as our faces are totally different, so are our issues.

  Never be envious of what another person has. You do not know the value they paid to get it and the value they’re paying to maintain it.

You do not personal half of the issues on this world.

 While you might be discreetly wishing to be like the opposite individual, another person is critically praying for that life you’re taking with no consideration.

 Sometimes the individuals you envy, are literally wishing they might have the life you reside.

  Be contented and cherish what you may have.      

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind TM - Stephen Covey

You may be something you need, simply do not be ungrateful….



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