“Stealing reduces a man”

…Never in my life have I met people as civilized because the Japanese. They’re the true resemblance of picture of God.

During my first journey to Japan, a colleague from the US forgot his laptop computer on the park, of all locations. We rushed again there and the place was closed for the day.

Everyone was relaxed besides me and my pal. Even the taxi driver wasn’t bothered. He promised to drive us there by 9:00 a.m. subsequent day as a result of Park opens 8.45 a.m.

He assured us we might get it again, that Japanese don’t steal as a result of stealing reduces a person.

Why am I Angry?

That assertion virtually knocked me to the bottom. This was 2012 not 1912.

I believe anyone who’s afraid of creating heaven ought to go to Japan earlier than dying as a result of that is closest to the very best people can get to.

And that can give the particular person an image of how organized heaven is perhaps.

These are individuals who apologize since you heard the sound of their ringtone.

About 90% of Japanese go away their telephones on silent mode in order to not disturb the subsequent particular person.

They all have earpiece and are pondering of stopping having horns in vehicles as a result of no person makes use of it.

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Long and in need of the story is that we received there the subsequent morning and the attendant took us to the place we sat and behold the laptop computer was there.

It’s not by mistake that they’re that affluent. The gross mentality and character of a folks determines their degree of wealth.

“Stealing reduces a man” – Can we simply have this on a billboard in each open place in Nigeria, together with Aso Rock.

Thank you.”

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