*Dear Garri*, I’ve all the time wished to jot down this to you since you’ve been there for me when others left, so I made a decision to eulogize and outline you in a particular manner.

G = Giver of Energy.*

A = Attitude changer (from unhealthy temper to good temper )

R = Reducer of weak spot within the muscle tissue and joints*

I= Increaser of agility*

Some friends have described you in many ways like

* STUDENTS energy*

* Life help.*

* The final hope of the widespread man*

* Weakness extinguisher*

* Palliative for COVID-19*

* You are the primary son of cassava*

* The sibling of Akpu (fufu or loi loi)*

Beauty Schools: Should You Attend One?

* The father of Eba*

* The cousin to Tapioca…*

My Love for you is indescribable,.

CORN flakes got here, however he left me.

Golden morn additionally got here however left me too.

But you got here and stood by me

Oh expensive *previous Garri*, you’re a *loyal good friend to the Rich*, and *Bestie to the Poor.*

You’re all the time suitable with all the pieces. I take pleasure in taking you with




*Kulikuli ( baby to groundnut )*


*Moi-Moi ( baby to beans)*

*Akara (sibling to moi-moi)*

You work hand in hand with your associates like

*Sugar, Milk, Coconut, Soya milk and so on*

The Dieting Mind Set

*Beloved Garri*, I’ll by no means go away you or abandon you, on your style is greater than a thousand corn flakes.Even Lasa Fever cannot cease me from taking you cos you could have all the time been there for me

This post was originally published on July 16, 2022.