If you need to dwell lengthy:

1. Run away from Red meats.

2. Embrace cooked egg, fish and recent poultry meat, keep away from fried issues.                

3. Run away from catfish.

4. Run away from micro-wave meals.

5. Run away from an excessive amount of alcohol. Especially scorching drinks.

6. Run away from smoking utterly

7. Run away from a number of intercourse companions, it’s dangerous

8. Run away from hydrogenated oil

9. Run away from carbonated delicate drinks

10. Run away from public bathroom, particularly girls.

11. Run away from can-drink and can-food

12. Run away from Imported fruits

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13. Engage in sexual activity infrequently , regularly1 with solely your partner. Multiple intercourse companions pose hazard.

 Have intercourse, it enhance your well being and add worth to your life. (Strictly for grownup)

14. Run away from fruit juice, do not be deceived.

15. You should at all times sleep for full eight hours on a regular basis

16. Engage in fruit-fasting at the least as soon as in each two weeks .

17. Say sure to authentic honey and no to sugar

18. Embrace recent greens

19. Always monitor/examine your blood stress and examine your blood sugar degree.

20. Exercise 30mins on a regular basis, at the least stroll briskly for 30mins on a regular basis if age is just not in your aspect. Do not sit for 2hrs with out getting as much as stroll round.

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21. Avoid malice, grudge and unforgiving attitudes. Work the place you need, the roles you want. Try and be with firm’s that make you content.

Remember that, premature dying will have an effect on your loved ones negatively, as a result of no one will handle your youngsters such as you. Therefore, endeavour to correctly handle your well being, in order to handle your loved ones!

Prevention is at all times higher and cheaper than treatment or remedy.