What Kind Of Friend Are You?

‘What Kind Of Friend Are You?’

So in 12 months 2018, my pal’s spouse rang me. It was late within the Night. I’d already retired in mattress.

It’s very uncommon that any of my pal’s spouse would name. That needs to be her first time.

So I shortly answered the decision.

“Hello! Our wife…”

“Daddy Desire! Please, is your friend with you?!”

“No! He will not be. Is he not again?!”

“I haven’t seen my husband. And it’s already late”

“Have you tried reaching him?”

“Yes, his phones are switched off”

I appeared on the time, it was 10:47 pm already.

That’s very uncommon of my pal, staying out late at night time. He closes 5:00pm on a regular basis. Apart from our seasonal hang around; i do not suppose he retains late at night time.

I acquired fearful too.

“Hello dear, Just relax! He should be okay where he is, and I know he will soon be home. I am coming too”

“Okay! Please we are Expecting you”

She has started to really feel so fearful.

My pal lives in a really far place. So, I left so shortly.

She was already outdoors. Looking cluttered.

Heavily pregnant; with three 12 months previous Anny!

The little woman was crying and asking the place her Daddy is after seeing her mother in such a sorry state.

I took her up in my arms.

“Let’s go inside.”

“His number isn’t going!”

“It’s okay, okay?!” But she will be able to’t be okay.

I rang few different mutual associates of Bode and I.
Everyone of them have not seen him for days.

” Could Bode be keeping extra marital affair?! Could it be an accident?! No, way.”

These have been my ideas.

It was getting extra late.

Over there, I noticed nobody will love you want your loved ones. Just nobody will take care of you want your spouse and youngsters.

They’re the one one who would have a sleepless night time once you’re not in mattress.

They’re all the time ready behind for that footstep of yours, hoping you ring the door bell.

They’re the one one who’ll actually cry wholeheartedly once you go lacking.

Many wives will not eat; ready for his or her husbands arrival. That’s love.

You could not get the heat hug from your loved ones on a regular basis, however they’ve you so near their hearts.

She was so stressed. Poor her.

Then a name got here in.



“Oh Bode!”

At the decision of that identify, she acquired curious.

“Bode. Bode. Did you just say Bode?!”

I nodded my head.
She got here standing earlier than me.

“Where did he say he is? How is he? What’d happened to him? Pls talk to me. Let me talk with him”

“Shola where are you?!” Bode requested.

“With your family”.

” Please come over and pick me”
He gave me his location.

His spouse needed to go together with me.

“Dear, you don’t need to. Just wait and take care of Anny. We will be back soon”

I met Bode in tears. He was seated someplace in Maryland. He handed me a letter.

“What’s the letter all about?”

“I’ve been sacked. I can’t go home to my pregnant wife”

He could not converse a lot. He was drunk, heavyhearted and wistful. I felt for him.

Truly, there’s a Pregnant spouse, a operating mortgage compensation, a sick mother and many pending payments.

He instructed me: “In times like this, you count your friends..”

“You’re right Bode. You’re right.”

” I called Lanre 4 hours ago, and he isn’t here yet. Then I decided to ring you, and when you told me you’re with my family, I know you are one”

I patted his ‘again’.

“I’m always here bro! Always.”

He instructed me how a lot he had suffered. Years of nothing earlier than ultimately touchdown that job.

He instructed me how a lot push he’d to have interaction in. The prayers; the tears.. How lengthy he spent within the streets.

It’s going to be laborious beginning once more.
It’s going to be laborious.

Then I instructed him,

“You’ll be fine again.”

For a person will fall seven occasions and he’ll stand up but once more.

We will begin another time. We will do the same old; proper from the place you began and shortly you can be in your ft.”


“Yes, We!”

He appeared me within the eyes.
I suppose that meant quite a bit to him.

Two days later. His spouse put to mattress.

I visited them.

Same day the newborn arrived. Bode was recalled again in his working place.

Bode mentioned to me, ” I’ll name him after you.”

I smiled.

Keep good associates who’ll have your again on a regular basis. Your partner and youngsters are your perpetually belongings and spine. Take excellent care of them.

To all true associates (Male or Female) right here who’ve been a blessing to others , God bless you all. Amen.

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