When Bronze is Higher than Silver

Have you observed {that a} Bronze medalist is at all times happier than a Silver medalist on the finish of the sport?

It is just not an incidental discovering, however a undeniable fact in lots of analysis research after learning the reactions of Silver medalists and Bronze medalists.

Ideally, a Silver medalist ought to be happier than a Bronze medalist, however the human thoughts does not work like arithmetic.

This occurs due to the phenomenon often known as COUNTERFACTUAL THINKING.

The Silver medalist thinks, “Oh, I couldn’t win the Gold medal. Why couldn’t I win the Gold medal?”

The Bronze medalist thinks, “At least I got a medal!”

The silver medal is received after dropping, however the Bronze medal is received after successful!

What are some Anger Administration Methods?

This additionally occurs in our life.

We do not admire what we now have however really feel unhappy about what we do not have.

Let us be pleased about our blessings as a result of they far outweigh our issues if we begin counting.

Life is, in any case, stuffed with decisions.

Learn to at all times rely your blessings to remain optimistic and motivated!