Have you seen {that a} Bronze medalist is all the time happier than a Silver medalist on the finish of the sport?

It is just not incidental discovering, however a incontrovertible fact in lots of analysis research after learning the reactions of Silver medalists and Bronze medalists.
The different day, because the latest AFCON rounded-off, Cameroon received the third place match (bronze) on penalties and have been jubilating. Today, Egypt misplaced the ultimate on penalties to Senegal and have been crying.
Ideally, a Silver medalist must be happier than a Bronze medalist, however the human thoughts would not work like arithmetic.

This occurs due to the phenomenon referred to as COUNTERFACTUAL THINKING.

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The Silver medalist thinks, “Oh, I couldn’t win the Gold medal. Why couldn’t I win the Gold medal?”

The Bronze medalist thinks, “At least I got a medal!”

Silver medal is received after shedding, however Bronze medal is received after profitable!

This additionally occurs in our life.

We do not respect what we have now, however really feel unhappy about what we do not have.

Let us be glad about our blessings as a result of they far outweigh our issues, if we begin counting.

Life is, in spite of everything, filled with selections.

*Learn to all the time rely your blessings to remain constructive and motivated!*

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*Take away;*
1. If You Are Looking For Wealth, Somebody Is Looking For Health.

2. If You Are Looking For Health, Somebody Just Died.

3. If You are Looking For Power, Somebody Has Acquired And Used it And Is Now Powerless.

4. Each Time You Drive A Fancy Car, Somebody, Somewhere Is Dying In A Car Crash.

5. Each Time a New Mansion Springs From The Earth, A New Grave is Dug Below The Earth.

6. Each Time You Throw Away A Morsel, Somewhere, Somebody is Searching For a Morsel To Survive.

7. Each Time You Throw Food Into Dustbin, Someone Is Looking For Remnant To Eat.

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8. Each Time You Ask God To Promote or Change Your Present Situation, Someone Is Praying to Get To Your Present Situation.

9. For Each Smile On The Planet, There’s a Drop Of Tear In Another Place On The Planet.

10. For Each Celebration Of Childbirth, There Are Tears of Burial.

11. Each Time You Urinate Or Drink Water, Remember Someone Is Using Pipe For The Same Purpose.

Always Be Thankful.