The Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC) advice on security dis morning pls read this it is very important:





The guide is for those travelling within Nigeria now or in the future.


·        *Avoid going to any of the North East or North West of Nigeria no matter how important your assignment*. 

The North Central is not safe. Avoid Kaduna by all means possible. Your best choice is to travel by air to any of the core-Northern states if you insist you must travel.


·        *While travelling in the SW, beware of armed kidnappers and murderers.*

Recommendations on Methods to Deal with a Data Breach



·        They target evening and night for their operations. They are most active on weekends especially at dawn, evenings or nights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays


·        *Never travel with your family. If you must travel, don’t go with your wife and children*. Family in a car is usually prime targets, knowing resistance will be minimal.


·      *If you must travel, wear smart dresses with canvass*. 

The opportunity may come for you to run.


·        *Always keep a dummy phone at hand while your real phone should be left in silence in your car*.

 Delete all bank details in your phone.

International Organizations of Child Protection


·       *Arm yourself, it may be helpful*. 

You can buy dagger, multiple defense tools, gas cannon, sharp-multidrive tools and pepper spray.

 Never use them unless you have a unique opportunity to attack your captors. Your attack must be to either escape or to kill your captors if possible whenever you have the chance.


·        *They usually divide into two camps*. 

One camp stops you in the front, the second camp waits for you to reverse before attacking from the back. If you have a heavy car that can knock and kill those at the front, please do.


Widespread Errors When Managing a Crisis

·       *Train yourself on the use of weapons in self-defense*. 

You may find yourself in a position to use AK-47 abandoned in a hurry by kidnappers or left carelessly where you are kept in the bush.


·   *They usually explore bad portions of the road, drive as fast as possible through such portions*. Be swift and decisive on the road. Do not use your phone while driving. It will distract you from concentration and keen observation.


·    *Fill your tank from the point of departure*. Don’t travel alone.


·        *If you are ever abducted, stay calm and cooperate but be keen to maximize any opportunity*.

Dangerous Bus Stops in Lagos State


·        *If you are sure of escaping into the bush without your car, leave the car doors open and the ignition key on*. 

This will distract the kidnappers and attract passersby.


·        *The troubled spots at Yoruba land are: Ogere, Gbongan Junction, Igboho-Shaki way, Ikere-Ado road, Ife-Ibadan highway, Oyo-Ogbomosho  highway, Warri-Benin highway, Ikole-Omuo-Lokoja highway; Ilorin-Egbe highway; Jebba-Bode Saadu way; Ilesa-Itaore way; Ogotun-Arakeji-Ado way.


·        *If you have the chance, drive close to a lorry or trailer on the highway*.


·        *Put on the local radio while travelling not listening to music*. 

Topics on Child Protection

An important information relevant to kidnappers on the highway may filter to you.


·        *Whenever you see herd of cows, be suspicions, keep a distance and look for a safe, swift drive through.*     

May God continue to protect us Amen. Pls share it to your family and friends if you find it useful .