1. Nobody has your pursuits.

2. Everybody is chasing their very own pursuits.

3. Dealing with politicians is like sleeping with tigers; you could at all times have your eyes large open.

4. In any Political equation, there’s at all times somebody getting used. If you’ll be able to’t discover one then it’s you.

5. Serving Politicians is like being a bandage on a wound. Once the wound is healed your usefulness ends. Politicians don’t acknowledge and reward worth they acknowledge their very own wants and you might be solely as helpful because the lifespan of their want for you.

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6. In Politics by no means mourn or wail greater than the bereaved. They will get the reward whilst you inherit their enemies.

7. In Politics, in any occasion that different pursuits battle with your individual pursuits and you must select, at all times select yours.

8. Never cross oceans for Politicians; you’ll drown and the perfect they are going to do is give a benevolent speech at your burial, deceive your widow and kids and eat your meals. Politicians won’t ever cross the streets for his or her foot troopers.

9. Don’t kill your self for his or her ambition or put your life in danger for any politician.

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10. Above all, Family and Health are issues it is best to by no means use to assault a person. Politics isn’t that severe.

11. Lastly to all of the Youths, it’s too dangerous to sacrifice your Career, Health, Personal Character, Social capital, and integrity in pursuit of quick time period and non permanent rewards, supplied by Politicians.

Now you recognize. Let’s love each other and put apart feelings and emotions. I can let you know what you might be shouting about immediately on the high of your voice,a couple of years to come back won’t make sense and you will note that you simply actually wasted your power and time.