I do not hate Christians because  of their religion and that is the way of most Muslims

Unfortunately  many Christians incurably  and unpretensively hate Islam and Muslims because if their religion. .

In spite  of my religious  accomodation  I still wonder why Christians allow themselves to be held by the jugular and be deceived repeatedly by their pastors who see wrong visions.

During the last election in the United States  not a single prophet in Nigeria prognosticated that Trump would lose the election. They were all unanimous and unambiguously told by God  that the nickname of the canterkerous and ebullient  Trump was MR VICTORY

Eventually  to our spiritual  amazement Trump was trounced terribly

I thought  my Christian  friends  would ask their Pastor if their God who saw Trump a victorious president  is blind or dead.

Life continued

 Pastor Tunde  Bakare said he would abandon the priesthood  if Obasanjo  won his second term in office.  Obasanjo  won and the people  who worship Bakare in his church did not stop their spiritual  loyalty to him in spite of his faulty spiritual projection and false prophesy.

Before Tunde Bakare went and squandered 100 million naira from the thite of poor people in his congregation  to buy a form to compete in the last APC  Primaries he unabashedly  and   audaciously  confidenntly told  his congregation  that The Almighty God told him that he is the next landlord  of Aso rock and16th president  of Nigeria.  Come and see the euphoria  and jubilation in his church  that  day. Any sane political observer can project that it was rather Satan not God that gave him this false hope. All politically sagacious  Nigerian  thought  it was a straight battle  between  Tinubu and his traitor political son Osinbajo. Pastor Bakare was not in the political  radar. Yet that day it was jubilation galore in his church

One would not  be far away  from  concluding that most Christians  suffer from  congregational amnesia and  delusion. Have they forgotten  so soon that this  same Pastor Bakare   told them  that God said Obasanjo should be parking his bag and baggages  for his otta farm as God did not destine him to be in Aso rock for another  second term?

I wonder what Bakare  would tell his fanatical  followers on Sunday when at least one angel could not diguise as a man to  save him from such political  opprobrium  of scoring zero vote. Was it not Satan alias Lucifer , the incurable deceiver that gave him the confidence  to go and squander 100 million naira on a day dreaming adventurism..Bakare a supposed man of God probably could have bought  paradise for himself  if he had used 100 million  naira to sink 100 boreholes in 100 villages in ogun state his state of origin

He lavished it on ego political  game. When I was watching the APC primaries live on TV I laughed at Pastor  Bakare a man endowed  with oratorical  prowess  of no mean dimension  when he said prior  to the convention  money was changing hands to compromise  prospective  voters.

Would Bakare swear  by his false God  who said he would  be president  if he is oblivious  of  the  fact that what we practice  in Nigeria  is moneyocracy,  nairatocracy  or dolllartocracy? It is not democracy.  

He should have like the erstwhile Minister of state for education  Emeka Nwajuiba refuse to come to the podium to address  the delegates or step down from the contest

Now to the vice president  Professor  Yemi  Osinbajo who before  his irresponsible  ambition to bite the fingers that fed him I had loved for his brilliance and unparalleled  articulation. He is probably the most brilliant and most articulate  vice president  in Nigerian  history

His case is identical  to that of Pastor Tunde  Bakare. The difference  lies  in the fact that God spoke directly to Bakare but for PYO he has not climbed the spiritual  realm where God will talk to him directly.  God conveyed the message of his MR PRESIDENTSHIP through his spiritual  father  GO Adeboye the soft spoken alternative God of the Redeem church.

When the whole world  was crying BETRAYAL  for him contesting against  Tinubu who brought  him from  intellectual  obscurity  to the apex of political  Eminence.  Tinubu made him commissioner  for eight years and nominated him for the post  of  vice President  that would in sha  Allah  last for another  eight years. Even if one is not a man of God like Pastor Osinbajo but a man of conscience what would push you to go and cross sword with your benefactor.?

That is where Bakare  and Osinbajo’s tendencious  and  fatuous  bravado became identical. Osinbajo  is a Pastor of Redeem Church and worships an alternative  God by name Pastor Adeboye.  In December last year  during the annual  Holy Ghost  night Adeboye had predicted not only that a prominent  pastor of the Redeem  church will wear the Presidential toga in 2023, he equally said in ten years whoever  is not  a member  of Redeem  church  would  become politically Irrelevant  in the scheme of things in Nigeria.

Osinbajo  was alive and a political  bigwig when PA GO Adeboye prognosticated  wrongly that Trump would be the winner of the last Presidential  election  in the United States.

As a gullible follower of Adeboye Tinubu and his fervent  ambition  became inconsequential.

Even when he saw the way he was received as a shameless traitor  in most states he went in Yorubaland  the false prophesy  of Adeboye kept his  shameless hope alive

The rumour gained currency  a day to the APC primaries  when virtually  all the states in the North  with the largest number  of delegates  and of course those  in Yorubaland  had decided on bulk votes for the  jagaban a delegation  led by Chief Segun  Osoba met Osinbajo appealing him to him to step down  for Tinubu  he asked to be allowed  to put a call to Baba Adeboye

Baba Adeboye his alternative  God told him


I almost shed tears in sympathy  for Osinbajo  when on arrival  at Eagle  Square  he wanted to pay homage to the South  West  delegates and he had to turn back in humiliation  when he was confronted  with shout of ODALE ( BETRAYER) OLE ( THIEF) when obviously he stole nothing

If I were him when I was told to speak at the convention  I would have pocketed my ego and stepped down for Asiwaju  when seven aspirants have initially  done so

But the prediction of  Baba Adeboye to Yemi Osinbajo  was sacrosanct

What a shame

My Christian  friends, if there are contemporary  Christian  prophets in the world they are yet to be born in Nigeria

Without  any fear of being  contradicted  you accept hook line and sinker the prophecies of Nigerian  pastors and prophets to your peril

*Ishaq Kunle Sanni*