The late American president
He has a counselor named
Robert Crane…
*He holds a doctorate in public regulation.
*Then a doctorate in worldwide regulation,
*Then he turned president of the Harvard Society of International Law,
*Adviser to President Nixon on Foreign Affairs, Deputy Director of the US National Security Council,
*He is taken into account one of many main political consultants in America.
*and founding father of the Center for Civilization and Renewal in America,
He is fluent in six residing languages.

One day, US President Nixon needed to examine (Islam), so he requested the American intelligence to organize a analysis for him on that topic, and certainly they carried out his orders, however their analysis was a bit lengthy…
He requested his advisor, Robert Crane, to learn the analysis and summarize it for him.
Indeed, Robert learn the analysis, after which went to attend Islamic seminars and lectures to be taught extra concerning the topic…
And it was solely days till the information of (Robert Crane) Islam resounded all through your entire United States of America..!

Don't decide that cash on the ATM machine

He referred to as himself Farouk Abdel Haq…
He says concerning the cause for his conversion to Islam: As a pupil of regulation, I discovered in Islam all of the legal guidelines that I studied…
Even throughout my research at Harvard University for 3 years, I didn’t discover of their legal guidelines the phrase (justice).
even as soon as …
I discovered this phrase in Islam loads…

He embraced Islam in 1981 and named himself (Farouq) after the title of Farouk Omar, could God be happy with him and please him, who was the Imam of Justice after the Prophet, could God’s prayers and peace be upon him…

Lessons to Learn from Ike Ekweremadu's Issue

– He says:
We had been in a authorized dialogue, and one of many Jewish regulation professors was with us, so he began speaking after which began to delve into Islam and Muslims, so I needed to silence him, so I requested him: Do you realize the scale of the inheritance regulation within the American Constitution..?
He stated: Yes, greater than eight volumes.
– so I informed him:
If I got here to you with a regulation on inheritance in not more than ten strains, would you imagine that Islam is a real faith?
– He stated:
This cannot be.
So I got here to him with verses of inheritance from the Noble Qur’an and introduced them to him, and he got here to me after a number of days and stated to me: A human thoughts can’t depend all kinship relations with this comprehensiveness that doesn’t overlook anybody after which distributes the inheritance to them with this justice that doesn’t oppress anybody … Then this Jewish man turned Muslim ..!
Dr. Robert Crane (Farouk),
He continues to be alive, 91 years previous.

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Read it to know that Islam is the best regulation on earth.
Oh God, honor us with Islam
May God’s peace and blessings be upon our grasp Muhammad (peace be upon him and his ahlebait)
Do not learn and depart
Just ship it to another person…