Everybody wants Nigeria to be like Countries Overseas including:


1. The Civil servant who steals public fund.


2. The security personnel who collects bribe at the detriment of national security.


3. The teacher who organizes special examination centers.


4. The parents who pay for exam malpractice for their children.


5. The students who practice exam malpractice to pass exams. 


6. The lecturer who gives out grades for money or sex. 


7. The Citizens who shunt queues and disobey traffic rules.


8. The Politicians who Embezzles Public Funds.


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9. The Boss who give unmeritted favours to his subordinates on basis of religion, tribe, political and other social affiliations.


10. The goods sellers who hoard goods to create deliberate scarcity.


11. The judges and lawyers who make ways for criminals to escape facing the wrath of the law. 


12. The Doctors who refer their patients to private facilities for personal gains. 


13. The engineers who construct below agreed standard facilities for personal gains. 


14. The youths who believe shady and fraudulent acts are ways of hustling. 


15. The school principals and headteachers who collaborate with the invigilators to help the students in examination malpractices.

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16. The common man who is waiting to be in any of the above mentioned situation and do the same if not worse. … and the lists go on. 


Our individual actions makes a summation of our society.


Think deeply about it and amend your ways if you really want Nigeria to be like the Countries Overseas. 


God bless bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 🙏