*AT 17, l AM PAINED!🥵🥵😟*

Have you heard or learn the information of late?

I imply the most recent killing by ritualist of about 17 years of age!

At 17 he already mastered the act of killing😥

Not a fowl,
Not a rat,
Not a goat,
Not a snake,
But a Human.

At 17 he was already a Commander In Chief of a gang🤔

At 17, he’s already in a relationship and had a woman buddy with out supervision😟

At 17, he did not simply set his sufferer as much as be killed by an older particular person, moderately, he did it himself by strangling her neck with out regret!

We do not even kill a goat or a fowl by straggling: however to a human he did😔


At 17, he was so merciless that he may give orders for her head to be chopped off and roasted for ritual objective.

How did he get the concept of killing to get wealthy at this age?🤔

Who impressed and led him into such?🤔

How comes he had no regret or pity for his sufferer?

What does he find out about cash and riches at simply 17?

Kai! Who did this to us?😭

This boy did not seem on earth, he was born.
He was raised by somebody, how did he come thus far?

No physique wakes as much as do such with no motivating issue.
No one commits such merciless and sacrilegious act with out mentorship☹️


Who will we blame for this?

At age two 2, you’d see youngsters ordering their mother and father arround and making mischievous calls for, however the mother and father would smile and say “he or she is just a child.”😳

At age three, chidlren would resolve what meals they’re to be fed, not on any medical grounds, however out of share foolishness and naughtiness, but the mother and father would oblige them.
Later on such mother and father would come as much as trouble individuals with their avoidable points which they refused to keep away from😏.

The household is ready on the desk to eat, however your treasured baby who’s simply 7 years of age would insist on consuming one thing else, surprisingly, the ever type mother and father who’re so gracious, permit her or him to eat what he desires. Hmmmm!

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When you appropriate them, they’d say they’re too younger.

If you warning them, they’d say you’re being imply.

When you attempt to instill self-discipline in them, you get accused of being merciless and heartless.

Now the kid has develop into a menace to the society, the identical society she or he is meant to affix fingers to construct.

The burden you need to have borne by elevating them effectively and wonderful, you failed however now you count on pastors and academics to show your bandits and hoodlumic chidlren right into a saint over night time. Naaaa! it does work that means🙄

Let’s not deceive ourselves,
If they’re too younger to be corrected, they’d be too corrupt to be counseled.

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If they’re too younger to be constructed, they’d be too previous to be reckoned with.

If they’re too younger to be taught, they’d be too previous to be tamed.

Parents and guardians, we should come up oh!

Most Schools have now watered down their disciplinary rules simply to accommodate some spoilt wealthy children who lack good house coaching.☹️

Here we’re; at 17, he’s so encumbered with the considered changing into wealthy that he doesn’t thoughts killling a human to attain his aim.

It all began someplace, the house, then the college, and ofcourse the society.

This isn’t what the federal government can cub or deal with however what all of us should rise to deal with.

SCAM ALERT - I obtained a mail from EFCC

It is the those who make up the federal government and never the opposite means spherical.

To the married and intending {couples}, maintain the concept of getting so many children in case you are not able to take up accountability for his or her effectively being and development.

I can not cease to think about, at 17 he desires to be wealthy to impress a woman or his mates. Perhaps to construct homes and to indicate off by travelling right here and there. And for that objective, a girl’s life has gone.😥

It’s no time for the blame recreation, let’s all put fingers on the deck and work issues out now.

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At 17!
The solely future he may consider is cash and one of the simplest ways to get it’s by killing.😟

What would occur when he turns into 30 ?😟

Lord have mercy!