How Buhari Honoured Yoruba Race

In that Ogun speech, Tinubu said something that happens to be the most critical point of all. He said he predicated his agreement with Buhari on a single condition that he would not joke with the destiny of the Yoruba race.

They all heard that but pretended as if they didn’t. Buhari kept to that promise.

He identified June-12 democracy day!

He renamed the national stadium after MKO

He gave MKO post-humous GCFR

Federal government officially owned up that MKO won the election .

Gani Fawehinmi was given post-homous national honour.

Yorubas were given strategic ministerial posts

Lagos-Ibadan express way was fully awarded

Southwest was prioritised for rail infrastructure

The list runs on and on.

Haters only cherry-pick the part where he narrated how he talked Buhari out of retirement and convinced him he wouldn’t be defeated again if he agreed to work with him- which is true of course.

Haters say Tinubu betrayed Yorubas by forming alliance with the North to remove a Southern president.

They forgot how Jonathan sidelined Yorubas in his Government and chased all Sothwesterners of influence away from the PDP.  He thought he wanted to strengthen his region by weakening the Southwest.

Tinubu took Yorubas to the centre after wallowing in ignominy of peripheral opposition for decades. He got the region good bargains and brought home countless trophies in return.

Culled from Eleyi Adebimpe Abdulazeez.

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