*By Dr Chinedu Akabuike*

1. Why will we hate Tinubu?
What for?
2. Tinubu by no means labored with federal or Eastern Nigeria not to mention stealing cash from Ndi Igbo.
He by no means labored as Minister or taken any Federal Appointment!
3. He by no means joined APGA not to mention sabotaging our Party’s curiosity?
4. Tinubu did not meddle in Igbo inner affairs both!
5. Why will we name him thief?
What did he steal?
6. We name Yoruba “slaves”.
We by no means mirror on what it means to be slaves within the true sense of the phrase.
7. We are placing mouth in Lagos politics with out warning, but we’ve a proverb that claims it’s the silly housefly that follows the corpse into the grave.
8. Can Yoruba man grow to be an Association or Local Government Chairman within the East? Let us be honest with ourselves.
Yet, we take pleasure in all these privileges right here together with Assembly Membership!
9. Why asking for what we will not give?
10. We are right here serving to the “slaves” to develop their land. Who then is a slave?
10b. You name their metropolis a no man’s land in order that we are able to additional be enslaved slaving to develop it, and our generations are wasted gloating over mere privileges.
Who is a slave?
Do we really assume?
11. Can Yoruba inform Okorocha “o to gee” in Owerri?
He would not even want it.
He is just too clever to die for a pot of ofe manu or nothing.
12. After the civil warfare, for many people who have been sufficiently old to have witnessed it, the Yoruba have been the primary to open their arms to obtain and settle for us as we have been, crude savages in seek for technique of survival.
It was no matter what we equally did to them earlier than and in the course of the civil warfare. No get together to the civil warfare was harmless!
I additionally keep in mind not paying any hire amongst Yoruba guys and not using a penny for my first 3years in Lagos and one other 2 years in Ibadan.
13. Can we survive Yoruba assault in Yoruba land if they really imply to?
Will an Mbaise man cooperate with the Nsukka or Afikpo, or the Imo with Anambara?
14. If all of us determine to relocate directly, Babangida ship me dwelling phenomena remains to be within the reminiscence of a few of us who survived the incessant and uncontrollable spate of theft throughout the Onitsha bridge.
How many individuals will need to go despite our empty pleasure?
15. If Yoruba persons are as silly as we foolishly assume, why agitating?
How will agitating be to our profit?
16. Why not “O to gee” in Abia, Enugu or Owerri?
17. Can a person from Aba grow to be a Commissioner or Perm.Sec. in Enugu State Civil Service?
Yet it occurred right here!
Why not watch out.
18. We adopted APGA and however “wisely” voted PDP.
How was Tinubu our headache.
Was he the reason for our downfall?
Why all the time blame others for our inabilities and need to take glory for any small factor we expect we’ve executed properly and even overblow it?
19. We declare we have been so inventive in the course of the civil warfare.
Now historical past.
We additionally declare each made in Nigeria is from Aba.
But go to Oyo and Osogbo to see what “lazy” mechanics are doing quietly within the vehicle business, but we make noise that different ethnics are both mumu or lazy besides we (alagbara ma mero baba ole; probably the most hardworking people who can’t develop their very own land sadly).
20. Why on the lookout for avoidable downside? Why?
21. It was you within the North being attacked, in Malaysia being killed, in Gabon and Ghana being molested. 99.9% of Nigerians killed in South Africa are of Igbo extraction, and typically by fellow ‘hardworking’ Igbo. Why?
22. We select Kanu and he dictates to us with out session with any considered one of us. They select Tinubu who turns into a hero amongst them by bowing to or adopting the selection of their majority.
Why are we offended?
We select Azikwe and so they select Awolowo.
How are they extra mumuish followers than ourselves?
Zik grew to become a President and we gained from it, Awo was solely a Premier, however we’re solely struggling to beat their information in all ramifications together with schooling until at this time.
How are they mumus?
We select APGA and so they select APC, why agitating?
Yoruba are but to say Tinubu is their downside why will we need to die for nothing?
Why working in APGA however planning to gather salaries in APC?
I pray for the success of Biafra, however will we nonetheless keep in mind that as Igbo we are going to robotically grow to be foreigners on the streets of the Lagos we name a no Man’s land?
How many people will really need to relocate dwelling, ought to Biafra actualises or if if citizenship is on the situation that you just relinquish all different citizenship in Africa?
I depart that reply to the person.
Nwayo nwayo biko unu.

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