*Stubborn Women Lose _Everything_! .*

Written by *Amina* *Al-Harbi* (a social guide)

 _Stubborn ladies fail of their marriages, and even of their relationships with relations._


Women who lack emotional intelligence and adaptability in coping with folks round them, are the largest failures of their marriages and their lives. Why?

1- She enters into an egoistic tug of struggle together with her husband, and prefers the voice of her ego to attempt to overcome him, and actually she fails earlier than the ego of her husband and the ego of those that are round her, as a result of males develop into extra cussed in entrance of a cussed spouse and cussed sister, and so they develop into extra light in entrance of a submissive girl.

2- A headstrong girl thinks that she will win whereas insisting on her opinion, and she will stand in entrance of any opposition. She forgets that even when she wins by her obstinacy in her opinion and stand,  she loses the guts that was loving her and caring for her.


3- Many narrations and clever proverbs in all of the cultures have praised an easy-going, gentle, pleasant, affected person and enduring girl. Even the Messenger (peace and blessings be on him) and the Companions after him, really helpful and praised a girl who respects her husband and speaks with softness and knowledge, and in flip he’ll love her and by no means go away her.

4- The girl who will obey her husband and stoop to let the storm move; she is the clever, rational girl who thrives, and holds the household collectively. The girl who stands like an unyielding dry stick is the one who breaks, struggling irreparable injury.

5- The uncompromising girl clings to her opinion. She tries to continuously perpetuate the phantasm of her victory: *I win and also you lose, I’m proper and you might be improper*. Such a girl destroys herself earlier than destroying others. And she lives a lifetime of sorrowful despondency on this world and the hereafter.

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6- From my experiences in marital counseling, I discovered that bullish ladies find yourself in divorce. And bitterly fail of their household and social life.

7- The recommendation of a bedouin Arab girl to her daughter on the day of her marriage, is taken into account  by all of the profitable ladies the perfect recommendation for a lady. She mentioned:

” *Be his slave……and surely he becomes your imminent slave* “.

_”Men are kind, generous and benevolent, but a stubborn, foolish woman turns them int enemies.”_

Finally I quote a clever Sheikh (could God have mercy on him):

I used to be a civil courtroom choose  for 27 years………and I discovered that a lot of the divorce incidents are caused by the anger of a person, and by the silly responses of a girl.


In different phrases, the stubbornness of a girl makes a person ten instances extra cussed than her.

I hereby add  If you desire a candy,clean and profitable marriage, union or relationship as a ladies, *drop your ego, your schooling/ certificates/standing/riches/magnificence/vigor/ unholy competitors/ uncompromising intelligence and so forth and be his silly slave….watchout he’ll end up to develop into your imminent and eternal slave until loss of life do u aside*

Translated by Sheikh Abdus Salam al-Madani.