The Brutal and Bitter Truth about Africans by Richard Smith

*The brutal words of “Richard Smith”, famous British guitarist, during an interview…*



*I have been asked many times what I think of Africans, here is what I think of Africans, without language and without taboos.*

*They sell everything to the highest bidder, even the land. Then they poison themselves with everything that is available.*

*Their pastors or so called men of God. They rob their congregations and become billionaires in their very poor nations. They made the churches to become family inheritance…the father, the mother, children and other business interests.*

*”I am not racist because I do not believe for a single second that I am superior to a Black man”. The difference with them is that, “we think of our descendants”, we are calculators, we protect our interests and we’ll kill for that if need be”*.

*”We are not emotional, we have passed this stage”. If the Lion has pity on the Gazelle, it is he who will die of hunger. “They have lions at home, but they do not understand the laws of nature”!!!.*

*”For everything, they confide in Superstition and Religion”.*

*The difference between the others and Blacks is, “while others reflect, Blacks do not think, they do not use their intellectual capacity and very few Blacks are analytical”.*

*And when a few Black people pierce through, we admit them to our side or eliminate them in one way or another, most often, with the hand of other Blacks.*

*”We brought them our God and continuously invent fuzzy concepts to confuse them more”.*

*In a hundred years, their descendants will be more slaves than they are now!!!*

*”They are already more unhappy than the generation of their parents”, and they naively believe that numbers will be their strength.*

*”Just watch how they drown at sea to come over to Europe”. We conquered them with a few tens of ours and the active help of theirs leaders (Blacks selling their own for FAKE JOBS/PROSTITUTION)*

*We forced them to speak and write in our languages!!!..they even judge each other by how much one can speak like us. We will control their descendants more than we control them right now. (Happening already!)*

*lf given opportunity they are ready to abandon their land to come over as willing slaves (US visa lottery), rather than with determination and commitment build their land*

*Other people understood our game, (like the Chinese, Indians, Koreans,etc.) they started to use the same technical knowledge as us to protect and dissuade, but the Blacks did not understand anything.*

*”I’m sorry to be so brutal in my submission. Nothing personal, I’m just plain.”*

*(Richard Smith)*

*lf you have ever read this, please reflect on it.*

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