Public notion issues rather a lot in politics. Things are as appropriate as perceived by the general public however the correctness of the notion. The viral letter by the Assistant General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian of God Church (RCGC) saying the Church’s creation of the “Office of Directorate of Politics and Governance”, apparently supposed to be a deft non secular transfer to midwife the start of “President Osinbajo,” is clearly a daft political transfer which can shoot down Osibanjo’s presidential kite even earlier than it begins to fly.

One of VP Osibanjo’s liabilities as a presidential candidate is his premium subscription with the RCGC which, even among the many totally different sects of the Nigerian christian group is a really unsettling variable and an enormous legal responsibility which the RCGC needs to be working to downplay reasonably than be seen adopting as a political asset. The reality is, Nigeria is so demarcated alongside non secular traces that VP Osibanjo’s mere title of “Pastor” is sufficient to price him the assist of a giant chunk of Nigeria’s Muslim group a lot much less, when he’s seen as a particular venture of a selected church; one which’s already being seen as the one focus of VP Osibanjo in issues of the state given the various allegations of his incapability to separate issues of the state and spiritual issues. He’s at numerous occasions accused of giving undue consideration to members of his church the place and when the scenario calls for skillful and neutral disposition. If something, it’s this facet of Osibanjo’s perceived establish the RCGC needs to be working to pacify or altogether debunk. It’s fairly a dicey matter that RCGC can’t afford to be seen immediately doing so and should outsource.


I’m afraid, by our actions and inactions, whether or not knowingly or unknowingly, we now have allowed faith to take management of our political responses and inclinations and the foundations can’t change in a single day, not for Osibanjo or anyone. As we make our mattress, so we sleep on it. I ponder why it couldn’t make sense to the RCGC that sooner or later in pursuit of his presidential ambition, Osibanjo’s predecessor, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, a extra seasoned politician with extra aggressive presidential ambition, needed to formally drop the title of “Alhaji” to downplay his regional and spiritual identification whereas enhancing a nationalistic picture required for the difficult, unstable and extremely unpredictable Nigerian political waters. Osibanjo and his handlers are doing precisely the other both pushed by naivety or flagrant vanity and insensitivity to the non secular and cultural make-up of Nigeria.

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Of course, some individuals could argue that “JIBWIS” aka “Izala sect” campaigned vigorously for “General Buhari” at totally different factors in his profession as a politician, extra prominently in 2015. Concurred! But let’s not neglect, Buhari is not any Osibanjo. While Buhari got here into the 2015 enviornment with 12m votes in his kitty, Osibanjo goes into the 2023 enviornment not understanding what’s in his kitty beside the goodwill of his “estranged” political godfather, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who donated him to the APC in 2015 to steadiness the Buhari ticket in achievement of democratic obligations. Then, the kitty Osibanjo is carrying to the sector in 2023 could possibly be mentioned to be empty given his but to be resolved battle of curiosity with Tinubu, his political godfather.

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As it’s, Osibanjo is a political orphan being adopted by a really unqualified and clumsy foster political dad and mom, the RCGC, who will do extra hurt than good to his presidential ambition by pushing him to tread on Nigeria’s most harmful fault line. It’s my private opinion he stand higher likelihood going into the sector alone than in RCGC’s child stroller. I don’t have drawback with Osibanjo’s non secular identification or his presidential however definitely, I’m anxious along with his alternative of RCGC as a political automobile to attain the presidency of a spiritual numerous Nigeria. If it’s not already too late, he ought to select a extra all-inclusive platform to showcase the whys and hows he’s certified to the subsequent President of Nigeria.

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