The downside may be very easy, and Fashola himself stated it.

1. The North insisted on National Grids that prioritises distribution to the North primarily based on Population and National character, not on calls for.

2. The GRID was given illegally to Dangote, one thing Fashola tried very a lot to reverse, together with writing an open letter to Buhari within the newspaper in 2017 to ask Dangote to remain off the Grid the place Dangote was illegally being profitable by leasing the grid to the telecom firms.

3. The North don’t pay their electrical energy payments ensuing on the South, exactly SW to reveal the burden of recouping prices by the electrical energy firms, precisely why they’d not set up Meters within the SW. Again Fashola tried to do one thing about this with some laws that permit shoppers to take their Bills to court docket. The energy firms didn’t like this as a result of they felt they had been been compelled to hold the burden of Nigeria dysfunctionalities. The North refused to Burge.

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4. Fashola tried to do a run across the North by a Willing Buyer Willing Seller answer, permitting impartial energy suppliers to develop and supply energy by means of micro grids. The North obtained indignant, saying that Fashola hated the North and that the coverage will destroy the North. The Distribution firms efficiently compelled the facility era from impartial firms to be restricted to on 1 megawatts, too little to be economical and making the facility retails too costly for the shoppers principally within the SW the place all of the Micro Grid efforts had been directed.

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5. The Distribution firms by no means the much less took benefit of that administrative rulings to barter particular energy provides with industries at a better charge, however guaranteeing provides. But the North additionally compelled this agreements to be canceled.

6. Investors knew energy supplys in Nigeria is unworkable. If you Invest in producing a lot energy, which you could possibly promote domestically, however compelled to promote into the Grid that’s unable to accommodate the merchandise, who pays for the unsellable energy? After all you can’t retailer energy after you may have produced it. It is promote it or lose it enterprise.

7. So Dangote and the North removed Fashola and put an ignorant man from the North in cost.

Did any Yoruba or Southern particular person from APC or PDP rise in help of Fashola’s efforts? Noooo. Only just a few of us is making an attempt to run companies within the sector.

I’m not into any occasion, and I acknowledge individuals making an attempt to do their finest, even imperfectly.

See, the issue of Nigeria just isn’t religious, it’s merely that some Fulanis assume it’s their delivery proper to take the whole lot from Nigeria free and by pressure. They assume their grandparents have given Nigeria to them to use mercilessly and they’re aided by the deafening silence of the South, worse nonetheless, the complicities of corrupt Southern individuals.

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Nigeria won’t ever have electrical energy provide it doesn’t matter what till Nigeria breakup!!!

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