A distinguished proprietor who owns a selected Modrasah in Osun State was advising the scholars of his modrasah that they need to desist from indulging in cyber-fraud (Yahoo) and surprisingly one of many college students responded to the recommendation being given by the proprietor of their modrasah that ” Gbogbo wa ni Yahoo ooo, eyin ngba owo lati saudi Arabia; awa naa si n gba owo lowo awon oyinbo”(We are all Yahoo, you are amassing enormous sum of money from Saudi Arabia and we’re amassing our personal cash from the white folks)”. ?

And the proprietor despatched him out and expelled him from the modrasah.
And afterward, this very pupil got here to look at Jumuah within the mosque constructed throughout the premises of modrasah he had been expelled from. As he entered the mosque the physician who expelled him noticed him whereas he was delivering khutbah instructed him to not enter the mosque due to the then problem however this man refused to exit and he inquired that “this is the house of Allaah, you can only expel me from your modrasah, not from the mosque where I want to worship my lord despite you’re the owner this mosque in as much I’m a Muslim”
Eventually the congregants pleaded to the physician to permit the man into the mosque.

From a dependable supply, it has been reported that greater than half of all college students in that madrasah are Yahoo Boys.??

Truly, the top time is close to!!!

Dear mother and father, attempt as a lot as potential to watch your youngsters and advise them on occasion to keep away from all social vices. Sending them to madrasah is just not sufficient lately as a result of a few of Ile-Keu right now is stuffed with dangerous youngsters.

May Allaah rectify the affairs of this Ummah

Sanusi Lafiaji

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