The true story of Igbo people crisis in Ojo LGA.

Even their Igbo daughter who is the sitting vice chairman of Ojo LGA came out to address them but they tongue lashed the woman calling her all sorts of names.

#Copied from Ayoade Ojeniyi wall:

“My Bro, good evening. I promised this afternoon to brief you exactly what happened at Ojo igbede/ Alaba international market about PVC registration yesterday. I know you can use your wide online connection to inform Lagos APC that we are sitting on a dangerous keg of gunpowder.

During the week, I was shuttling between Alaba international market and my office cos my wife’s phone had some problems. I was directed to go and buy the screen of that phone at one Sunny Black’s shop, precisely on Tuesday. Just as I was about paying, a man appeared with a megaphone and announced that the chairman had instructed that the international market would not open on Thursday and that a special arrangement had been put in place for them to register for their PVC which must be strictly adhered to. To be quite honest, the man never mentioned any party.

On Thursday, when I went back to the market to collect my wife’s phone from the man who was repairing it, I was shocked cos nobody was around and the whole market was under key and lock.

I called the guy and he directed me to come and meet him at that place where the PVC registration was taking place.

By the time I located the place, I could see tension and bitterness boldly written on the faces of some people. They were complaining that for almost two months now, they have been coming to Ojo/ igbede LCDA for PVC registration but all to no avail. Now, some Igbo guys just surfaced that morning and they were being given special treatment’.

One Yoruba man who championed this, complained that the instruction which the market chairman passed across to them at the market was for members of Alaba international market to come and register and not only Igbos. Since he is also a member of that market, the INEC officials must register him. All the while, those officials who are mostly of Igbo tribe would tell any one that  had Yoruba name to come back next week while the Igbos would be asked to hold on.

The above was the remote and not the immediate cause of the problem. This Yoruba guy who championed the agitation insisted that he must be registered while another Igbo guy arrogantly claimed that, that particular special provision was meant for  Peter Obi.

This annoyed that Yoruba guy who informed some nearby area boys and hell was let loose.

The Awori boys there were claiming that, though, they sold land for the Igbos to build houses , that does not mean they can be usurping the power of the sons of the soil.

Plans are under way to do the same thing at trade fair, odunade and Ladiipo markets.

Can anybody try this in the East? Despite the fact that in Ojo Local govt here, the Igbos are given the vice chairmanship slot, yet they are not satisfied. They are even claiming that in the  next governorship election, they will install PDP in Lagos.

Let me tell you sir, Lagos state govt and Yoruba must move fast. The Igbos, judging from the utterances they spew on daily basis hate Jagaban with perfect hatred.

My investigation reveals that the massive PVC registration that the Igbos are involved in now may not necessarily be for Peter Obi alone. According to them, if they feel that Obi will not make serious impact in the next general elections next year, they will divert to Atiku. You need to see how sad they are since Wednesday when BAT was declared winner in APC’s convention.

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