We have to unlearn the poisonous and damaging messages we have been programmed to consider by feminism. Here is the reality that we have to exchange the lies with:

1. Men and women are not natural enemies. We are أولياء (awliyaa’) for each other.

2. You are a lady, not a person. This just isn’t an insult.

3. Your femininity is your superpower. Don’t smother it.

4. Masculine males like female ladies. Feminine women like masculine men. Don’t be androgynous.

5. You want a person. (Just as males want ladies.)

6. Men should not trash.

7. You can not do all the pieces a person can do. (And neither can a person do all the pieces a lady can do.)

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8. Men and girls have very totally different, however complementary, roles. This is an efficient factor. It’s referred to as gender roles.

9. Do not be a contemporary girl of the “strong, independent” selection. Be a standard girl.

10. Men and girls needn’t compete with each other. We full each other.

11. Marriage is necessary. The household is necessary.

12. Being a homemaker is a tremendous and necessary job.

13. Motherhood is important. Raising kids is not only essential work, but additionally extremely empowering. You are molding the subsequent era of people. What extra energy would you like?

14. Don’t select profession over household. Choose being a wife and mother over being a company slave.

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15. Show your husband respect and love, in that order. (He will present you’re keen on and respect, in that order.)

16. As a spouse, you aren’t in cost. Neither are you your husband’s “partner.” You certainly give your enter, however your husband has headship.

17. Marriage is not a 50-50 egalitarian partnership of two leaders. Your husband is the chief. Sit again and luxuriate in it.

18. Having contempt in your man is the quickest method to break down a relationship. Don’t sabotage your personal marriage.

19. Trust your husband (if he’s an upright, sturdy Muslim who has taqwa). He’s not out to get you.


20. The patriarchy just isn’t the foundation of all evil. The Islamic paradigm locations the person as قوام, qawwam, and مسؤول, accountable or held accountable, on the extent of nation, society, and household. This is to not hurt ladies, however to learn and shield them.

Don’t observe the “advice” of feminists on love, males, relationships, marriage, household, motherhood, or actually something. You shall be sacrificing your personal happiness and serenity. And it is all lies.

*Umm Khalid*