God Told Me



A Pastor told his congregation “God said he is the 16th President in 2019” “He is the Next President”


He stepped it up by paying 100 Million Naira for the form 


Now, 100 Million in any currency is not a small amount of money.


Yet, after paying such a huge amount of money, he did nothing at all.


No visit to any State, No visit to any Governor, No visit to any Group.


Well, He said he sent bulk SMS….you paid 100 Million to send bulk SMS ?????




Yet, there is another Man.


He collected the same form,


They said he is old, frail, won’t be supported by the delegates and President, Yet he collected it.


He went round Nigeria asking people for their  votes.


He built bridges and did everything possible to reach every state in Nigeria.


Even States considered unfriendly to his mission.


In a Video that went viral,




(Bring this Presidency, I am the next)


He was bold about it, though others mocked him but he came out plainly to say give me this Presidency…He asked for it.


He paid the Price for it and he got it.


He got 54.7% of votes.


If his votes was divided into 3, he would still be the Winner.


This was a Man who did not say God told him he is next…he only wanted it and went for it 


See Believers,


Learn a lesson from this man,


Whatever you need, don’t just pray or prophesy and stop


Go for it , stretch for it, make effort towards it


Let everything and everyone know you want it at all cost. 


You can’t say God told you, You will be a landlord and you keep avoiding buying a land or doing something on the land you acquired.


You can’t say God told you, you will be travelling out next year and you are not making effort to get a Passport 


That you will be getting married this December and you keep avoiding friendship


You can’t say God tell you it’s your year to be admitted into University and you are not studying.


Wo, gbera !


Wake up, enough of talking !


Fight,  Stand, Make the move !


Do something today


Faith without works is dead !


Stand up and fight 


Tell that Admission, marriage, Job, Visa, Car, Housing project, Stage, Promotion.


Egbe kiniyi wa, Emi lokan


He who dares, Wins.

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