Is It Islamisation Agenda Or a Christianisation Plan?

Adeboye wrote.

I’ve never seen those of other faiths get on a bus, without a care for people’s choice and begin to preach their religion to me.

Never has my door been knocked on by those of any other faith to preach their religion to me.

Hardly has anyone of a different faith stopped me on the street or anywhere to try preach their faith to me.

Yet, “christians” do this all the time, with those of other beliefs being tolerant of it, yet will be quick to buy into and talk of some phantom Islamisation agenda and all manner of meaningless things.

Does what I describe above look like an Islamisation agenda or a Christianisation one?

Now, PFN under Wale Oke refers to some as Swine that wouldn’t be voted for…because of elections!

The hypocrisy we live with, and the arrogance with which we go on with it stinks.

I hate naisense!


Isaiah Osezele

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