Ever since I used to be born, I’ve not seen many individuals arrive late to the airport when they’re touring. In truth, when the aircraft is taking off at 11:00pm, the individual shall be on the airport by 7:00pm, wow!

That’s how a lot folks worth travelling abroad!!

Same once they must go to court docket they are going to be at that Court not lower than half-hour earlier than the appointed time.

Same once they have appointment with mere males known as VIP who’ve promised to present them cash or helpful issues, they are going to be there far more earlier.

But on a FRIDAY when Khutuba has lengthy begun, that is if you see women and men with ‘swag’ gliding like a wounded tortoise to MOSQUE.

They know they’re late but it doesn’t hassle them.

JUMAT begins at 12:00pm however folks will come at 1:00pm or 1:25pm when prayer stay 5minute’s why? They assume all they want is simply to wish and mark attendance with Alfa or pals who all the time hassle them.

Just take the check to name them on Monday at 5:30 or 6:00 am , you will realise they’re already on their method to work and a few shall be there already.

Know this at the moment, anytime you go to MOSQUE one minute late, you will have NOT attended MOSQUE in any respect.

If ALMIGHTY ALLAH is saying ‘the place
two or three are gathered, I’m of their midst’, you assume He comes late? The time you give is the time He retains.

What does it imply to reach late to MOSQUE?

1) Disrespect to MUHAMMED(S.A.W)
2) Betrayal of ALLAH
3) Disregard to the MOSQUE and the IMMAM
4) Interruption of PRAYER
5) TOTAL dishonour to ALMIGHTY ALLAH

*Very vital. Forward to as many MUSLIM you already know. We should take care of this example within the MOSQUE.* IT HAS TO STOP….

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