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By Ibn Taofeeq Abdul Azeez

It is extensively believed that the corpse of the well-known Fir’awn who lived within the time of Nabiyy Musa (alayhi salaam) continues to be intact. The mummy (a preserved lifeless physique) stated to be located within the Egyptians museum.

Upon verification, we came upon that the acclaimed corpse (mummy) is just not that of Fir’awn of Musa; therefore Fir’awn’s physique (corpse) was not preserved up until now by Allah (though He is able to that and extra). This article will show this assertion with quranic verses, ahadeth, and scientific researches and info.

Study the under factors and evidences:

1: We should perceive the which means of the phrase Fir’awn. This phrase was initially a title for the later kings of historic Egypt. The Egyptians didn’t name their rulers Fir’awn till the Twelfth Dynasty (1304-1554) BC. Until that point, the time period Fir’awn was not one of the crucial vital King titles.

In historic occasions, document writers have used the phrase Fir’awn as a title for the king of Egypt. The phrase Fir’awn within the historic Egyptian language consists of two phrases: يبز and عا which suggests (the nice home). So this phrase is only a title and never a reputation for the well-known individuals, similar to the phrase Kasraa Al-Faras, which means (King of the Persians) and (Arqal) Hercules Al-Rum, which means (King of the Romans).

2: Then, what’s the title of the Fir’awn, the ruler of Egypt, who was a up to date of Nabiyy Musa? Looking on the Islamic historical past books, we discover a clear disagreement about figuring out his title. Our well-known historian, Imam at-Tabari in his guide تاريخ الأمم و الملوك Vol 1 pg 386 says within the context of his speech about (the lineage of Musa bn Imran):
(The Fir’awn of Egypt in his days was Qaboos bn Mus’ab bn Muaa’wiyah, the companion of Yusuf the second, and his spouse was Aasiyah, the daughter of Muzaahim bn Ubaid bn ar-Rayan bn al-Waleed, the primary Fir’awn of Yusuf.

When Musa was given prophethood, know that Qaboos bn Mus’ab has died, and his brother Al-Waleed bn Mus’ab rose in his place. Imam Tabari stated: It is alleged that Al-Waleed married Asiyah, daughter of Muzaahim after his brother, and Imran was 100 and thirty-seven years outdated, and Nabiyy Musa was born.

Likewise, our historian, Ibn Al-Atheer talked about it shortly from what was beforehand talked about in his guide الكامل في التاريخ 1-95. Although there’s one other narration reported by at-Tabari as nicely.

As for Ibn Ishaq, based on what Ibn Hamid reported, he stated: Salamah instructed us, on the authority of Ibn Ishaq, he stated: When Allah decreed upon Yuusuf what He decreed, and the king who was with him was destroyed by Rayan bn al-Waleed. As he talked about to me – in a marble field in part of the Nile within the depths of the water, the kids of Israel have been nonetheless underneath the palms of the Fir’awns they usually have been on the remnants of their faith from what Yusuf, Ya’quub, Ishaaq and Ibrahim began with them from Islam, clinging to it, till the Fir’awn of Musa, whom Allah despatched to him, and there was no Fir’awn that was extra brutal, depraved, pompous, longer in his reign than this Fir’awn. His title was – as they talked about to me – Al-Waleed bn Mus’ab, and there was no one of many Fir’awns who was extra ruthless, nor hardier in coronary heart, nor worse a king for the Children of Israel than him. And he married a lady referred to as Asiyah bint Muzaahim, top-of-the-line of the few ladies amongst them, so he lived amongst them they usually have been underneath his palms for a protracted life and they’d undergo extreme torment.

There is a narration near it on the authority of Ibn Abbas and others, which you could find in al-Kamil of Ibn Atheer.

3: As for the title of the Fir’awn in English, as in Tawrah: Some researchers have concluded that the title of the Fir’awn of Egypt at the moment is Ramses II, as a result of throughout his reign he mocked the kids of Israel by making bricks, they usually constructed the cities of (Pithom) and (Ramses) as acknowledged in paragraph 11 of the primary chapter of the Book of Exodus. And they linked this to the story of Fir’awn when he stated to his minister Haman: (Oh Haman, construct me an edifice in order that I might even see the God of Moses, and I believe that he’s a liar).

On the opposite hand, we discover that Dr. Abdul-Wahhab Al-Najjar says that Nabiyy Musa was a up to date of two rulers, particularly Ramses II, the Fir’awn who persecuted the Children of Israel, and Musa was born in his time, and was raised in his home, and Nabiyy Musa, was a up to date of the Fir’awn of Egypt. And who acquired the throne of Egypt after his brother, and his finish was in ache.

Then, there’s a analysis examine by Dr. Hussein Abdul Baseer, an Egyptian archaeologist, who defined that the Fir’awn of Musa is just not particularly identified and he’s not Ramses II as some individuals assume. You can learn the examine right here:

Another documentary truly concludes that it was not Ramses II that was a up to date of Nabiyy Musa, however Merneptah (Minftah) who chased Nabiyy Musa and obtained drowned. See the documentary right here:

By the way in which, don’t forget the archaeologists declare the corpse (mummy) within the Egyptians Museum is that of Ramses II. So we have to truly verify if Ramses II was the Fir’awn of Musa.

Another examine reveals that the timeline for Ramses II does not match. Ramses II died of outdated age nicely into his nineties. This incident likely occurred a couple of years after the hyksos have been expelled from Egypt. The Hyksos have been invader kings in the course of the time of Prophet Yusuf. After their expulsion is when the leaders of Egypt began calling themselves Fir’awns.

Interestingly, based on the Egyptian hieroglyphs writings, it’s established that the (Fir’awn) Ramses II had many wives and youngsters, which is in opposite to that of Fir’awn of Nabiyy Musa. Likewise, his affect prolonged past Egypt to the south of the Levant, the place he reached Kadesh on the metropolis of Homs within the Levant. This implies that Palestine was additionally underneath his affect. Which are all in opposite to that of Fir’awn of Nabiyy Musa.

The well-known scientist who was chosen for doing analysis of Mummys, Dr Maurice Bucaille, talked about about Merneptah and Ramses II performed forensic in his books. 1: Moses and pharaoh within the Bible, Quran and History. 2: Mummies of the Pharaoh and trendy medical investigations.

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Note: Dr Bucaille was not an orientalist. His work is phenomenon because it led him to Allah, and he accepted Islam.

In these 2 books, Dr. Bucaille has clearly defined and concluded that Rameses II was the Fir’awn who ‘began the oppression on the Israelites’ and died of outdated age at 90. He died whereas Nabiyy Musa was nonetheless in exile. After him, his son Merneptah ascended to the throne and ‘continued the oppression on the Israelites’ till he met his demise by drowning. In different phrases, Merneptah was the pharaoh of the Exodus, however Ramesses II began it.

The Quran in some verses additionally point out “Aal Fir’awn آل فرعون” which might imply the offspring of Fir’awn. So, which Fir’awn the Qur’an talks about will depend on which verse the phrase Fir’awn happens, as a result of “Aal Fir’awn” would imply Ramses II because the “Fir’awn” and Merneptah as his “Aal”.

As nicely, Archaeologists declare that Ramses II died at age of 90+. The Fir’awn that drowned, chasing Nabiyy Musa, was a a lot youthful Fir’awn. On the opposite hand, a 90 yr outdated Ramesses, which was his age earlier than he died, would by no means personally chase the Israelites sitting on a bumpy chariot within the desert.

And excavation of Egyptian tombs started in late nineteenth century, There are nonetheless alot of Fir’awns and Kings buried in valley of the kings, 1000’s of years of historical past but to be excavated. The Ramses II mummy claimed to be that of the Fir’awn of Nabiyy Musa has no proof to be traced to the Fir’awn. These are just some scientific info.

Thus, we see the distinction and confusion in figuring out the title and background of the Fir’awn, who was a up to date of Nabiyy Musa, between the books of Islamic historical past, the heavenly books and scientific researches.

Even the narrations and sayings in every of them are in dispute. Is it Al-Waleed bn Musab or Ramses II or Minftah?

Thus, the important level right here is that non of them was in a position to show his title with certainty, so how a couple of corpse lined with mud for 1000’s of years!!

4: There is a selected verse of the Qur’an whereby Allah talked in regards to the preservation of the lifeless physique of the Fir’awn of Musa. Some Muslims get confused by this verse, thus holding to the well-known fallacy that Fir’awn’s physique was preserved and nonetheless intact until now.

The verse of the Qur’an is:
فَالْيَوْمَ نُنَجِّيكَ بِبَدَنِكَ لِتَكُونَ لِمَنْ خَلْفَكَ آيَةً ۚ وَإِنَّ كَثِيرًا مِّنَ النَّاسِ عَنْ آيَاتِنَا لَغَافِلُونَ
Meaning: “Today, We will rescue you with your body so that you may be a sign for those who succeed you; and certainly the majority of the people are heedless to our communications”. Suratu Yoonus Verse 92.

In this verse, Allah by no means stated He will protect the physique of Fir’awn until after his time, and never until eternity. He by no means stated the physique of Fir’awn is particular and won’t decay as different lifeless our bodies.

5: There is nothing on this verse to point that his physique can be preserved till the Day of Resurrection, as some individuals erroneously assume. That is decoding the Qur’aan in an incorrect method.

If the aim had been to protect the physique of the Fir’awn for all these individuals who got here after him, in order that they may see his lifeless physique for themselves, then his physique would have remained well-known to all those that got here after him and people who heard his story, in order that the lesson might be realized and the signal made manifest and the promise fulfilled.

What occurred to his story a lot that individuals already forgot it and for thus many centuries nobody bear in mind it, till some archaeologists claimed that they’d discovered the physique of the Fir’awn who was drowned?!

6: Qur’an as a guide of steerage was revealed to the prophet Muhammad solla Allahu alayhi wa sallam. The Qur’an contains of tales of the previous nations and prophets. And as Muslims, we perceive the Qur’anic verses higher by believing within the interpretations (Tafseer) of the prophet and his Sahaabah given to the revealed verses.

When this verse speaking in regards to the incidence which occurred in the course of the time of a previous prophet was revealed, the Sahaabah learnt its which means from the Prophet.

Our well-known and dependable scholar, Imam Ibn Kathir reported in his well-known Tafseer Book, Vol 2 pg 412:

As regard the which means of this verse 92, Abdullah bn Abbas and different Salaf stated: Some of the Children of Israel doubted in regards to the demise of Fir’awn, so Almighty Allah commanded the ocean to forged him together with his physique collectively with out a soul and together with his well-known defend on the aspect of the ocean, and it’s the excessive place to confirm his demise and doom.

“And today, We will rescue you فاليوم ننجيك” means we’ll rescue your physique from drowning.

“with your body ببدنك” Mujahid stated: With your physique with out soul. And Al-Hasan stated: With a physique with out a soul. Abdullah bn Shaddad stated: Together, true, that’s, it was not torn aside, in order that they will confirm it and realize it.

(So that it might be an indication for many who got here after you) that’s, that it might be proof for the Children of Israel (Banuu Israa’eel) of your demise and destruction, and that Allah is the Almighty, who holds the nook of each animal in His hand, and that nothing rises as a consequence of His wrath. The Israelites wouldn’t consider the “mighty god” is lifeless, so Allah preserved his physique from going deep down in order that it could be an indication and affirmation for the Israelites who succeeded him.

You might see Allah used the phrase لمن خلفك “those who succeed you” and never لمن بعدك “those who came after you”.

7: Actually, as soon as an individual drowned, the physique stays underwater till the micro organism within the intestine and chest cavity produce sufficient fuel—methane, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide—to drift it to the floor like a balloon. (The buildup of methane, hydrogen sulfide, and different gases can take days or even weeks, relying on numerous components.) and when the physique will float, you will not see it on the actual location any longer.

But by the miracle of Allah, He made Fir’awn’s physique floated to the ocean shore in order to be an indication and affirmation to the Israelites of his time.


8: An individual who needs to argue could say the tafseer of the Salaf (righteous predecessors) is just not right as a result of the physique of Fir’awn has not been discovered as at then. Such a fallacy assertion from such particular person can simply be clarified by making it clear that the prophet would clarify and report issues of the long run which can be but to occur.

Prophet Muhammad got here after Musa, wherein there was Isa between them, did we see any single and even weak hadith of the prophet telling the corpse of Fir’awn is hiding someplace and it is going to be seen someday. If certainly it was preserved from decaying, the prophet would have reported it as a result of Fir’awn had lived a whole lot of years earlier than the Prophet and this verse was later revealed; the prophet would have additionally interpreted this verse as some individuals mistakenly interprete it right this moment. We base our Islam on clear proof and never (disputing and uncertain) scientific analysis.

9: Not solely did the Salaf and early students defined the verse as stated above, we see among the many contemporaries who additionally defined this verse to imply the preservation was for many who succeed him, the kids of Israel of his time. The up to date students who’re alive when the physique was stated to be discovered.

An instance is Sheikh Muhammad Bn Saalih al-Uthaymeen who defined the above verse to imply the physique of Fir’awn was preserved just for the Israelites of his time to substantiate his demise. In his audio clip, he additionally affirmed this opinion that the physique of Fir’awn is not any extra intact, and stated it does not make sense to consider the lifeless physique of Fir’awn is the one in Egypt right this moment. That such is a fabricated lie as a result of the title Fir’awn is an appellation and he perhaps one other Fir’awn and never that of Musa.

You can discover the audio clip of the sheikh right here:

10: This is simply briefly. Otherwise, the remainder of the students of Tafsir and historians like Imam at-Tabari in his historical past guide Vol. 1 pg 421, and Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Rida in his Tafsir of al-Manar Vol 11 pg 476. This similar Tafsir was additionally talked about by the nice scholar of al-Sham Muhammad Jamaaludeen Al-Qasimi in his Tafsir (Mahasin At-Ta’weel) Vol 6 pg 75. and and so forth.

The conclusion from that is that the interpretation of the verse is obvious to those that ponder the verses of the Most Merciful in a transparent Arabic language, which is that when Fir’awn claimed divinity and that he was the Lord of the worlds, Allah Almighty needed to destroy him in ache, then the water threw him to the shore together with his entire physique for the kids of Israel to see, they usually knew that Fir’awn claimed divinity, but he was not in a position to maintain evil away, carry good and delay for his sake, and that he’s only a human being like the remainder of the Children of Israel, and once they have been sure of that, they buried him.

11: The function of showing his physique from the ocean is to know his doom, and to confirm it for many who doubted it among the many Children of Israel, and this function has been fulfilled and ended, and the physique of Fir’awn, like different our bodies, involves annihilation, and doesn’t stay of it, besides what stays from aside from it, which is the tailbone, from which man will journey on the Day of Resurrection, as within the hadith, the physique of Fir’awn has no benefit over different our bodies.

12: Therefore, if Fir’awn perished within the sea and the Children of Israel didn’t see his destruction with their very own eyes, they might have stated that Fir’awn disappeared and can return once more as a result of he’s a god, particularly since they’re latest and unusual to the faith of Nabiyy Musa, and that’s the reason Allah destroyed him within the sea after which saved his physique in order that it could be a convincing proof of his destruction to those that see it.

13: Burying lifeless individuals is obligatory in Islam. Either Muslim or non Muslim. The verses of Qur’an and ahadeeth of the prophet denote on this. The verse 31 of Suratu Ma’idah whereby Allah was narrating about Haabil and Qaabil; likewise verses 25 and 26 of Suratu Mursalaat all level to this reality. Likewise numerous ahadeeth. The prophet instructed Ali bn Abee Taalib radiya Allahu anhu to bury his father regardless of being a Kaafir, Ali responded: “but he died a Mushrik”, the prophet instructed him to go and bury him but.

14: Also, it’s well-known that both you bury a lifeless (being) particular person or not, the land will eat its physique. This is to all mankind besides the Prophets of Allah. The prophet Solla Allahu alayhi wa sallam made the exception that Allah has made it forbidden for the land to eat the lifeless our bodies of the prophets.
“إن الله عز وجل حرم على الأرض أن تأكل أجساد الأنبياء”.
This hadith is genuine and recorded by Imam Nasaai, Abu Daawud, Ibn Majah, al-Haakim and genuine based on the precept of al-Bukhariy however he did not document it.

And Fir’awn was by no means a prophet of Allah.

15: It can be important to say that no matter occurred to your physique (corpse) after your demise has NOTHING to do together with your religious being. Some individuals do consider when a graveyard is dug and the corpse nonetheless comes neat, it usually means she or he is a religious particular person. This is a fallacy.

The situation of a physique after burial has nothing to do together with his religious place or nearness to Allah. It will depend on the encompassing surroundings of the grave. Yet our bodies of human beings, animals and vegetation could be preserved for millenniums. This is an easy data of Fossilization.

16: Another attention-grabbing query to ask is, when was the physique found?

The pupil of the historical past of Egypt, particularly the archaeological monuments, is aware of full nicely that almost all of its monuments have been buried within the desert sand, and solely its pyramids have been seen, and folks checked out them because the Arabs of the island have a look at the stone nation within the archaeological space of Al-Ula.

The French to Egypt led by Napoleon took its specialists to go looking and examine these archaeological areas akin to (the pyramids) and (Luxor) they usually started to find the tombs and the pharaonic treasures and others.

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Then successive scientific discoveries after that by German, Spanish, Dutch and French specialists, and among the many discoveries was a pharaonic physique, which is the topic of our dialog now. Which is definitely not confirmed to be the Fir’awn of Musa.

17: What are the explanations for the fallacious and incorrect attribution of the physique to Fir’awn of Musa and that he’s the one involved with the noble verse?

I discussed beforehand the true which means of the phrase Fir’awn, and we talked about the inconsistency in figuring out his actual title, as a result of dated time interval, particularly since this date was not written, and if there are some writings, its reference will depend on the Israelites, and because the Prophet solla Allahu alayhi wa sallam stated:(Do not consider the People of the Book and don’t deny them), however he will probably be comfy with it if it agrees with the Book and the Sunnah, and the Holy Qur’an didn’t point out about Fir’awn besides what was reported about him of his abuse of the Children of Israel and his upbringing of Nabiyy Musa alayhi salaam in his home, and his declare to divinity, and his arguments with Musa and his brother, then his destruction at sea, and what was talked about within the Sunnah just like the tackle of the Prophet to his those that they quick on the day of Ashura as a result of it’s the day that Allah saved Musa from Fir’awn and his aides.

And because the individuals of al-Jarh and at-Ta’deel would say: (the isnad is within the faith, and had it not been for the isnad, whoever needed would have stated no matter he needed).

18: These sciences haven’t any origins, and for this we discover that some archaeologists primarily based most of their discoveries on guesswork and never on certainty, as astronomers estimate that what’s within the sky are galaxies such and such, and what geologists estimate is that the age of the earth is such and such.

I additionally referred to the interpretations of Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Rida, Imam Al-Qasimi, Al-Uthaymeen, Sayyid Qutb, for that verse, and non of them point out that the physique of Fir’awn existed, regardless of the invention of this corpse of their time, and they’re those who imply the interpretation of the Qur’an in a means that hyperlinks with actuality. As we discover that clear within the writings of Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Rida and Sayyid Qutb specifically; how can they ignore it aside from the incorrectness of its attribution to Fir’awn.

And this matter is just not confined to the students of Tafsir solely; even the international archaeologists, in addition to nearly all of Egyptians concerned about these discoveries, don’t verify this, as a result of whereas the invention of that alleged physique was in a pharaonic tomb, there was with it a number of different our bodies, however this specific well-known physique was distinguished from others when it comes to care and additional consideration; which led the viewers assume the proprietor of this corpse has the next standing than others.

19: For the sake of argument, if we consider that this physique belongs to a ruler of Egypt – Fir’awn, then which rulers of the Fir’awns who dominated Egypt owns the physique? as some encyclopedias reported that their quantity is eleven pharaonic rulers.

20: Likewise, there is a crucial observe to say: We know that Fir’awn had killed sons, captivated ladies, and made males servants underneath his authority, ordering, killing and exile, and spreading corruption within the land. Then his finish can be in entrance of individuals.

Is it cheap for the Children of Israel to embalm him after which place him in an appropriate place befitting his place and in a particular cemetery that distinguishes him from different corpses? and he’s the one who inflicted upon the Children of Israel every kind of torment!!

Is it conceivable that the oppressed and helpless servant would do that to his grasp?! Sheikh Uthaimin additionally talked about this specific level in his audio clip I referenced up there.

Would Musa even be glad that the Children of Israel bury Fir’awn, who claimed divinity and killed the magicians who believed in Islam, in an honest and honorable place to the exclusion of others?!

21: Finally, why did this alleged picture turn into standard with the general public? How did they consider it?

The reply to that is of two courses:

1- Tourism firms, whose first and final concern is the fabric, and making an attempt to take advantage of vacationers by mendacity, as they do with them at any time when they go to the Egyptian Museum, and everybody who has visited these locations is aware of the reality of what’s occurring, by spreading rumors about that corpse and distributing brochures to them in an effort to guarantee an appropriate earnings for them.

2- People’s incorrect interpretation of the verse 92 of Suratu Yoonus and linking it with a disputed scientific analysis, linking it to the archaeological discoveries that seem right here and there, and that it is a scientific miracle!!

Therefore, individuals believed it and promoted it amongst themselves, and it was present in mosques, scientific locations, newspapers, public periodicals and the Internet, and the honorable reader solely has to enter the search engine (google) on the community and seek for what was written in regards to the alleged corpse, in order that the end result seems that every one the hyperlinks that speak about this corpse offers with the truth that it belongs to the Fir’awn involved with that verse.

Rather, it was present in a public library that collects such photos underneath the title Pictures from Reality.

In this text, I’ve tried to current the invalidity of the frequent perception as regard the well-known corpse mendacity within the Egyptians Museum. And Allah is aware of finest.

ninth October, 2021


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