Marrying Ahlul-Kitaab?

Yes. Well its permissible for a Muslim man to marry Ahlul kitab, however it comes with critical circumstances:
1. Think about your unborn youngsters. How will their situation and upbringing be like.
2. Are they going to be raised as Muslims or Christians.
3. What if there’s divorce, will your youngsters observe you or her.
4. Can you abdomen your youngsters been Christian’s bearing muslim names.
5. Know that the kids are Amana to you, and you can be judged.
6. Now for those who carry on marrying Christian ladies, who will marry our stunning younger muslim ladies.
7. Would you be completely satisfied if our muslim girl begin seeing Christian males, because you guys are usually not marrying them.
8. Know that the attractive ones are usually not but born.
9. Yes you’re keen on yourselves, however have you learnt what Allah have in inventory for you.
10. With your kind of instructional degree, you want a muslim sister to finish your life and your youngsters be nurtured in an Islamic dwelling and surroundings.
11. Think in regards to the unhappy and terrifying state of affairs you might be throwing your mother and father in.
12. Marriage is an Ibaadat in Islam and a service to Allah. Because for those who marry, you could have accomplished a half of your Deen, however with a non Muslim, you haven’t….THINK

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