The month of Rajab is the most effective time to begin the preparation for Ramadan.
This preparation must be in all sphere of our life: non secular, bodily, emotional, monetary and so on.

Abu Bakr Al-Balki, could Allah be happy with him stated:
_Rajab is the month to plant the seeds, Shaban is the month to irrigate the crop and Ramadan is the month to reap the harvest_.

He additionally stated:
_Rajab is just like the wind, Shaban is just like the water-laden clouds and Ramadan is just like the rain_.

The preparation for Ramadan ought to embrace:

a. *Istigfar Project*
This is participating in a lot of istigfar for the purification of the soul.

b. *Good intention*
This must be to hunt for the pleasure of Allah.

c. *Making fixed dua*
When the Month of Rajab begins the Prophet inspired us to say:


*_Allahumma Baarikllana fii Rajab wa Shaban wa ballighna Ramadan_*.

_Oh Allah, bless us in Rajab and Sha’ban and allow us to attain Ramadan_.

d. *State achievable Goals*
The objectives that weren’t achieved over the last Ramadan must be evaluated and acknowledged with the the reason why they weren’t met. The manner out for these must be highlighted, whereas stable plans are made on how they’re inculcated into our actions from now. The females that missed Ramadan that has not been paid ought to achieve this.

e. *Pen down new objectives for upcoming Ramadan*
These objectives must be acknowledged in ink; they shouldn’t be psychological guidelines as a result of writing them will add to at least one’s motivation.

These objectives must be hung or pasted in strategic locations for fixed reminder.
Our goal can embrace and never restricted to:
i. Quran
– tilawatul Quran
– Hifz
– Tadabbur (reflection on the Quran)
– Tafseer
– Listening to the Qur’an
ii. Salat
– Faraid salat
– Nawaafil and so on
iii. Adhkar and Dua
iv. Sadaqah and Zakat
v. Relating with household
vi. Health points
vii. Changing dangerous habits and so on

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f. *Breakdown the objectives*
The objectives to be achieved must be damaged right down to components or steps, for instance the numbers of pages of Quran to be learn on every day bases and the time for it.

This must be what one might be in step with based on particular person capabilities and energy on them ought to begin now.

g. *Revise the virtues of Ramadan*
Those virtues are value remembering in order that we’re impressed in our preparation for and striving within the month of Ramadan.

The numerous Adhkar and supplications to be made or stated in that month must be reviewed earlier than then in order that they’re useful to be used to maximise rewards in Ramadan.

h. *Create Awareness*
The consciousness of the upcoming month must be created in our households and environs.

i. *Fix main actions forward*
Important actions that may be accomplished forward must be completed earlier than Ramadan in order to have extra time for i’badaah. Examples of those actions are main cleansing, buying and so on.

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j. *Plan for menstruation days*
Many ladies are at all times demoralized throughout menstruation particularly within the month of Ramadan. This interval mustn’t get to us unexpectedly, and it must be deliberate for and arranged with actions to be accomplished. Some of those good deeds are:
– making a lot of Istigfar and dhikr
– participating in a lot of dua
– giving out charity
– studying of Islamic books
– listening to Quran recitation and tafseer
– treating dad and mom in one of the best ways
– serving to others
– and so on.

*_Oh Allah, maintain us protected till Ramadan, maintain Ramadan protected for us and settle for it from us_*. AAMIN

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