بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

*_Marriage_* is a life dedication and an ongoing relationship and will proceed within the hereafter, Insha Allah. Finding the fitting accomplice is all the time difficult, particularly who can show to be an ideal Muslim husband sooner or later? Islam provides us some pointers on this regard. If we observe these pointers, we can discover a excellent Muslim man.

Here are some common and particular Islamic pointers to think about when you meet some particular partner in a Masjid, convention, your area people, charity dinner, or another occasion.


The Prophet (PBUH) guided the women that earlier than you select a person for marriage, the before everything factor to search for is that he must be an actual training Muslim. Every bearded brother shouldn’t be a training Muslim, nor everybody with a brief thobe is a training Muslim, then how would you determine a training Muslim? Deal with him!! If he has a beard or brief thobe, however he lies or backbites, or he cheats, or he’s ineffective, he envies individuals, appears down at individuals, thinks of himself as superior; is he a PRACTICING BROTHER?! NO, he’s not.

If you wish to examine whether or not a possible partner is training, go to the Masjid he lives close by. Go to the sheik and ask if he prays Salah within the congregation. Parents need to verify that you’re marrying your daughter to somebody who shouldn’t be solely excellent in spiritual dedication, but in addition in character. The Prophet (PBUH) stated:

If there involves you one with whose character and spiritual dedication you’re happy, then give (your daughter or feminine relative beneath your care) to him in marriage.  [Narrated by al-Tirmidhi]

Having Best Character


Having the very best character means he must be courageous, beneficiant, and kind-hearted. The worst factor a sister could do is marrying a egocentric one that doesn’t pay till you’re taking a pinch of his blood. Your life will become horrible like this. That is why when one of many feminine companions got here to the Prophet (PBUH), so the Prophet (PBUH) may advise her whom to marry; the Prophet (PBUH) forbade her to marry the egocentric individual.

Fatimah bint Qays(RA) went to the Prophet (PBUH) searching for marital recommendation when each Mu’awiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan and Abu Jahm had proposed to her. The Prophet (PBUH) informed her,

“Mu’awiyah is stingy and tight-fisted, and Abu Jahm beats his women.” So marry Usamah as an alternative. [Narrated by Muslim, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, A Nisai, and Ibn Majah]

Another vital factor in character is tolerance. Never marry somebody who’s impulsive and will get indignant rapidly after which regrets afterward.


As Allah says within the Holy Quran:

O my father! Hire him! Verily, the very best of males so that you can rent is the sturdy, the reliable.

(Surah Al-Qasas, Verse 26)

A possible excellent husband must be safe and reliable since you are entrusting him together with your honor and your flesh by giving your daughter to him in marriage.

*_Secretive HUSBAND_*

A Muslim man shouldn’t unfold the secrets and techniques of the home. Speaking of your private relations and bed room secrets and techniques is a sin.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated:

On the Day of Judgment, a number of the worst of individuals of their standing with Allah will probably be a person who has intimacy together with his spouse after which spreads her secrets and techniques. [Narrated by Muslim (2597 & 2598)]

We see these days we discover plenty of males who take pleasure in these talks and declare to be having so-called males inform, is forbidden in Islam.


Truth and equity is a important attribute whereas on the lookout for Muslim husband. That is why one of many salaf al-Hasan stated:

Marry her to the one who fears Allah, for he will probably be sort to her if he loves her and he won’t oppress her when he’s indignant along with her.

So, even when Muslim husband hates his spouse, even when she is ugly; he’ll nonetheless be simply along with her as a result of he fears Allah.


Try to decide on somebody who clothes nicely and who has scent; not essentially sporting Gucci or Lemaire. Marry somebody who appears presentable and who smells good as a result of this will probably be with you till the end of time. The very first thing the Prophet (PBUH) used to do when he entered the home was to make use of the Siwaak to wash his mouth. Ibn Abbas (RA), one of many Prophets companions, used to take wonderful care of himself. And each time His companions talked to Him; He stated: As I would like my spouse to look good for me, I wish to look good for her too.


Try to decide on somebody who would honor your loved ones; who would respect your father and mom. Choose somebody who would respect your dad and mom identical to you respect them.

Most of the marriages these days don’t proceed as a result of we neglect the central facet of Islam whereas selecting a Muslim husband. May Allah assist us and information us to find the fitting partner for ourselves who can be our accomplice on this world and if Allah wills; in Jannah too. In that Allah. At nikah halal, we promise to offer you the very best search expertise to seek out the proper Muslim husband in your neighborhood.

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