The Day We've By no means Celebrated


(hash voice) A person is born immediately, Tomorrow he’s lifeless.

A person lives in a mansion immediately, Tomorrow he lives


A person drives a automobile immediately, Tomorrow an ambulance

drives him.

A person reads biology immediately, Tomorrow a biography

is been learn of him.

A person eats no matter he needs immediately, Tomorrow he

turns into meals for bugs.

A person is at all times early for work immediately, Tomorrow he

is termed late Mr./Mrs.

A person is seen resting in his home immediately, Tomorrow he’s resting in a coffin. And they are saying “Rest In Peace”!

A person eats all types of fruits in his home immediately,

Tomorrow he turns into manure to these bushes.

A person is thought immediately because the richest man ever,

Tomorrow he would not even know the place or what is going to

occur to his riches.

What is life in any case?

Plan your life as a result of you might not see tomorrow.

But when your life is effectively deliberate, you will not be

afraid of something.


Come to consider this?…

1. Eternal life = free

2. Church entrance = free

3. Salvation = free

4. God’s love = free

5. Breath of life = free

A. Cigarette = pay

B. Prostitution = pay

C. Alcohol = pay

D. Nightclub entrance price = pay

E. Powers to rule the world = pay

Very unhappy

Then why are folks paying for hell whereas PARADISE is free?

Think twice…

Believe in Jesus and also you shall be saved…

We at all times consider Valentine’s day

Birth day

Father’s day

Mother’s day

Children’s day

Our day,

Farmer’s day

Teacher’s day

Christmas day

Independence day

Boxing day,

This day,

That day,

Day in Day out.

Have you ever considered Judgement Day, is it going to be a day of celebration or condemnation for you? If you’re secure, what about your mates and family members. Show them love by telling them concerning the Judgement Day. Please cross this to your 14 family members, let heaven be pleased for you immediately. Please do not say later, do it now as a result of tomorrow could also be too late.

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